This tribute is owned by MoviePopcorn123. So here is his other victor of Primrose1444's games



Apperence: Black hair blue eyes and very tall. She has a michevious look in her eyes all the time.

Skills:Bow and arrow, she has deadly precisioun and super fast. Very sly. She rocks with traps and snares.

Personality: Very sly and mishivious. SHe seems to always know more then you and never seems to fully trust you.

Histroy:She was very poor at home but was very popular because of her gleam in the eyes. She knew that in order to save her younger brother and parents she needed to hunt. SHe made a bow and arrow and walked into the forest past the dead trees and found a hunting ground. Has no idea who Digit is.

Statagey: Grab an bow and arrow and run. When she sees some one kill from far away and never make an allince.


Primrose1444 2nd games

She allies with her district partner Digit but when he dies she goes slightly crazy. She runs into Stephen Whirlwind and they become a version of star crossed lovers. When a feast is annonced Stephen gives Micy sleeping syrup and goes to the feast. Micy wakes up to see him get stabbed. She runs into Storm as he is also grieving over the lose of his ally and girlfriend. He shoots Carabelle and then a helicopter. He gets crushed and Micy and Cider are anonced the winners of the 2nd hunger games. She also later gives birth to Stephens son.

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