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Milo, on a good day.


Milo Shay has been training for the Games his whole life. He can't wait to get out there and prove to his family he's not useless. He's 12. (From Maine for the American Hunger Games)

Skills: Milo is skilled with almost all weapons, he's been practicing for as long as he can remember. He's small, quick, and quiet. Milo's specialty is his poison-tipped darts that he shoots with his blowdart.

Weaknesses: Milo is quick to anger; he makes rash decisions.

Strategy: "Planning? I don't know about that. I'll just kill everyone I lay my eyes on. Then, I can show them that I'm just as strong as him."

Personality: Milo is just very bitter and anxious. He wants to get out in the arena and show the world how strong he is.

Appearence: Dark, tiny and malnourished. Milo has worked very hard, however, so he has lean muscles.

History: Milo was always being outshined by his Adonis-esque elder brother, Charles (who, by the way, didn't even think of volunteering to take Milo's place), so now he wants to get even. By killing all the other tributes.

Game Scores

Best Position:

Worst Position:

Best Training Score: 12 in Anon....'s "District 3 Hunger Games"

Worst Training Score: 11 in moviepopcorn123's "American Hunger Games"

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