Minea Crema (Reaping age: 17) was born to wealthy family in District1 consisting of, her father (Dean), her mother (Sarah) and two older sisters (Jessica and Shimmer). She was gifted with a family gene, good looks. She charmed every boy from preschool to high school. She started training at age 6 and excelled at bows and arrows but also can wield knives. She's a great runner, climber and swimmer but, her weaknesses have also been shown, hand to hand and short range weapons. In the arena her plans are to seduce and destroy the male Careers, be great friends with at least one other female so she can win her trust and a small alliance if the pack breaks. Minea has had average grades through out her school year and has many friends. (reaped not a volunteer)


Subgame "Lets Go Midas Style!" an all District 1 games in Anon....'s 3rd Hunger Games:

Placement: 11 out of 28 Training score: 8



Skills: Her looks, bows and arrows, knives, running, climbing and swimming.

Startagy: CAREER, Seduce the male Careers, use her looks to her advantage, bond with another girl Career so she can have a small alliance if the Career pack breaks.

Weaknesses: Can't fight in Hand-to-hand and can't use short ranged weapons or heavy ones for that matter.

Token: A pearl neckless.

Quote: "If looks could kill..."

Personality: snobbish, mean, GREAT at pretending to be nice, bossy, kind of a diva.

Her district partner was Sensation Powers before he became victor and is now out of use. Her new partner is TBA

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