[1] Moses Clarke is a 12 year old from District 4.

Skills: Living on the coast has given Moses great skills in fishing and swimming. He is also really good at rigging underwater traps and such. He has the lean muscles of a swimmer and strong upper and lower body strength.

Weaknesses: Would feel lost in a place like a desert. He cares too deeply for people.

Weapon: A spear or a rope (he can do a lot more with that than one might think ;)

Strategy: Ally with one or two other people (one clever, one really strong, ideally) and bring the rest of the Tributes down.

Personality: Thoughtful and philosophical. Kind of a loner, but he is really determined.

Appearence: Rough, beat up hands from working on a fishing boat with his father. Suntanned skin and brown-ish hair. Slightly below average height and fit.

History: Not a very tragic life, he lives with his mom and dad. No siblings (it was deemed unsafe for his mother to have more children after Moses was born.) He didn't have very much friends. All the kids in school called him "Fish Boy."

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