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The explanation

"Everyone, seeing as I've got the victors (Congrats to Fidofiderson, Tacosalad1127, and Dmaddoxx) I'm going to get ready for my 3rd/4th Hunger Games! Right, I've got to explain that there are 14 arenas, one for each of the Districts and the Capitol, meaning that there will be 392 tributes. If one arena gets full, the games begin almost instantly in that arena. Each arena also has a secret twist, which gives it its titile.

There will be NO interviews, but there will be chariots and traning scores.

Also you can post 2 tributes per arena, making a maximum of 28. One male and one female from each District and the Capitol will win their respective arena. Please don't submit tributes on this page, but on the respective page.

Good luck, may the odds be ever in your favor!




District 1

  • 7 tributes died in the bloodbath, and two tributes died in the night.
  • On the second day, 6 died, and 3 died in the night.
  • On the third day, 7 died and the male victor was announced

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

District 13

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