Nomin Dregg
Nomin Dregg







Weapon of choice



Tribute (Tournament, Spring 2011)


Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)



to be determined


Personality: Fearless, dedicated, somewhat stubborn

Appearance: Blond hair, amber-colored eyes, light-skinned

Skills: Spear throwing, slashing attacks, countermaneuvers, camouflage

Weaknesses: Ignores everyone else in search of Lelt Dregg (unless Lelt is killed or he himself is in danger of being killed), also stubborn when it comes to hunting down Lelt Dregg

Clothing: Wearing a green shirt, leather jeans, and running shoes as of the Reaping.

Story: He is pen pals with Lelt Dregg to the point where Nomin ran away from home and changed his last name. When both he and Lelt Dregg were chosen for the Games, he decided to protect his brother from any other threat... by killing him personally.

Strategy: Only grab a few good weapons and other supplies at the Cornucopia. Disregard all other Tributes (unless they plan to kill you) and find and kill Lelt Dregg. Only worry about the other Tributes once he is killed, and when that time comes, specify your next target and go after him/her, and so on.

Token: An Eisenhower Dollar Coin sent to him from Lelt Dregg back in the pen pal days.

Quote: "All I want to do is to save my brother."

Hunger Games Participant

He has participated in these Hunger Games:

Jabberjay78/The 78th Hunger Games!

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