Oceana Galaxy
2 Future Possible Tribute
District 1 Career
District 1
Gender Female
Age 16
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Choice Weapon Dagger
Family Parents
Number of Games 1 (1 not yet finished)
Best Ranking None Yet
Typical Score  ?

Oceana Galaxy is a career tribute created and owned by Jabberjay78. She resides in District One and her district partner is Orion Nightlock.


Skills: Charming others, Pretending to be stupid, Controlling others

Weaknesses: Naive at times, Her stupid act doesn't always work

Strategy: Act dumb so others don't bat an eye at her. Use the careers to destroy every other tribute in the arena. Introduce mistrust upon the careers to get them to turn on each other. Win, Win, Win!!!!

Personality: Acts like a complete ditz. However, she is really a sadistic control-freak who will do anything to win. Anything.

History: She comes from a long line of victors; her mother, her grandfather, her great-grandfather, etc. She plans to continue this line. She watches the games every year and took an interest in them at the young age of 2. She used to pretend to play the hunger games by pretending to kill 23 of her classmates when she was in school every year. It's been her dream to participate in the games since she was young. However, she was never quick enough in raising her hand to volunteer, until the one lucky year when she was 16 and no one else seemed to want to volunteer. She didn't even consider the strangeness of this event, and simply continued to the stage, pretending to trip and fall to further her dumb act. Her family is rich and paid for her career training, and she hasn't gone a day without career training since she was 6.


None Yet

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