District 11
October Fest

October Fest

District Partner: Summer Fest

Age: 18

Skills: Sythe, Scikle, throwing knives, axes, identifying plants, making fires (campfire or wildfire), fast runner, very strong thanks to years of working in the crop field which means he can excell at hand-to-hand and wrestling, knows how to be hungry, setting up snares, tamming chickens (for his cockfights), climbing, forging and making weapons by hand.

Startegy: Team up with Summer and maybe some other trustworthy tributes. Be strong during the reapings, try to work out a staregy to wow the sponsors, learn new skills at traning, at the interview do a "I'm a humble guy just trying to protect his sister" to win sponsors. In the games get the bare nessities and forge/make everything else he and his sis need. Try to avoid other tributes, but fight to the death UNLESS their Career tributes/extremly agressive/powerfull tributes. Change camp locations everyday but find a good place with game and fresh water. Above all, protect Summer and in the end if they're in the final two, kill himself to save her.

Token: A neckless with a piece of wood carved into a bird at the end.

Weaknesses: His love (brotherly) for Summer and he is pretty bad at swimming but can mange just to barely keep himself afloat.

Quote: "Summer will be victor, no matter what."

History: Grew up in the small middleclass of 11 with his little sister Summer, a dad who is the district's only tailor and his mom who owns a small farm that has some pigs, chicken and one little goat. Still his family has been in some hard times and has had to scrape for food in which October piceked up lots of his skills. After a very rough winter October started a secret cockfight event where people can bet which allowed him to get loads of cash. He loves Summer and volunteered to protect her. October has a girlfriend named Tiffany and they've been going out for about a year. He's pretty popular and has average grades. He also enjoys sports.


Rockman27's 27th Hunger Games (Placed: 18 out of 28)

Training Score: 9 out of 12

Hoopsgirl29's 34th Hunger Games

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