Olivia Richards

Signature Tribute

Name:Olivia Richards



Skills: Knot-Tying, Throwing Tridents,Making Nets


Arena Strategy: Ally with the Careers, then while they're sleeping kill as many of them as possible.

Token: Gold Bracelet


History: When Olivia was born, her parents knew right away that she was going to succeed in life. As she grew, this began to become true.When Olivia was 10 years old her father drowned. Shortly after, her mother gave birth to her third daughter Aliyah. At the time, her other sister was about 5 years old. Three years later, she was reaped to be in the 68th Annual Hunger Games.


Appearance:Dirty Blonde Hair put up in a ponytail,dark brown eyes,white tank top with blue tube top,skinny jeans,high tops, gold bracelet.

At school: She get's straight A's and all the boys are in love with her.

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