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Being born in District 6 was great luck for Orville. At 24, he is the head of a Medical Research Clinic in the center of the main metropolis. Husband of Angel Lane.

Skills: Great knowledge of the human body (where the weakpoints are.) He can use a single finger to knock a person out, just by touching a weak spot. He is thin and wiry. Intelligent and silent.

Weaknesses: Physically weak, not good with a large array of weapons. Has glasses.

Weapon: His own hands. Sometimes his feet.

Strategy: Team up with his wife and hope she can bring all the tough ones down. Also, go after the little ones. Let her kill him in the end, or just kill himself.

Personality: At first glance, you'd think he was a coward, but Orville is brave. He is thoughtful, however, and cautious.

Appearence: Your typical nerd. Sun-deprived, delicate skin and glasses. He's not completely blind without them, just... partially.

History: Had known his wife, Angel since grade school but she was too cool for him, so he didn't speak to her. She came into his Clinic within his first month there with wounds from a fight with a bear (yes, you read that right, a bear.) He fell in love with her all over again, and she's protected him ever since.

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