Oswald Voss is a 15 year old male from District 3.


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Personality: As an avid reader of everything he can get his hands on, Oswald is knowledgable in almost every field. He's not as good with people, however, so he's kind of a loner. But he remains determined no matter the difficulty of the obstacle.

Looks: Small and scrawny (not strong.) He has mousy brown hair and feminine features-- a cause for mockery in his community. His glasses are a necessity; he is nearly blind, but he has hopes for corrective eye surgery in during the training period at the Capitol.

Skills: Long range weapons are his "specialty", per se (sling shot, boomerang, etc.) He can also fashion a makeshift trebuchet out of nearly anything. Very resourceful.

Weakness: He is physically weak and a loner. He needs glasses for the time being.

Strategy: Although he would regret kiling people later, Oscar knows he must to survive, so he'd poison their food supply or pick them off one by one without hesitation.

History: Oscar was raised by his single mom; he never met his biological father and never had the desire to. His life at home was great, and his mother loved him very much. However, he was treated terribly by the other children at school. They mocked him for his glasses, looks, intelligence, and almost any quality he possesed that was different from their ideal. There was one exception however, a girl who almost constantly stood up for him and was endlessly nice. Because of this, he developed a crush on the girl (her name is Devon Major.)

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