Panther Clawell



Age: 14

Appearance: black hair, brown eyes, stripes, oval birthmark on her collar-bone, claw-like nails

Skills: Knives, bow/arrows, spears, climbing, running, hand to hand combat, eyesight, balance

Weakness: Relys alot on her eyesight, hates getting wet

Strategy: Get something close from the Cornucopia and run, find water, climb a tree and set up camp

Personality: Defensive, strong, stubborn

History: All her life, she has lived in District 7 and loved the trees, but she once went to the Capitol and got into a bad accident which made her look less like a human and more like an animal and she is now considered by some people a mutt. She has some animal characteristics now, sharp claws and fangs, and the ability to see in the dark, and she adores all kinds of cats. She loves sitting up in the trees, and collecting fruit and such. She has her mother and Cheyanne (19) and she was reaped.

Token: Gold hairclips with orange crystal

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