Panther Doom
The Maniacal Mutt
District 1
Gender Male
Age 18
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Choice Weapon Anything
Family Isabella (sister, deceased)
Number of Games 2
Best Ranking 5th (Tommyboy's 4th Games)
Typical Score 10

Panther Doom is a tribute owned by Jabberjay78. He resides in District 1. His district partner is Sapphire Moon, and he was created after Ruby Moon won a games.


Skills: Sadastic killer, good with a wide variety of weapons. Doesn't need to eat or sleep. Has the keen senses and skills of a panther.

Weaknesses: Crazy, Sadastic, Doesn't like to talk.

Strategy: Career alliance. Leave them on the first night and then stalk them, picking them off one by one. He'll kill anyone in the arena and just wants to win. Hates anyone from District 11.

Personality: Doesn't like to talk much. Doesn't care for anyone, even himself. He is determined to do anything to win and won't spare a single soul. He is crazy, but any mention of his deceased younger sister can cause him to open up to someone.

History: Lived in District 1 with his family. His younger sister, Isabella, was reaped and she was a favorite to win. However, on the last day, a boy from District 11 snuck up on her and killed her, becoming the victor of the games. Panther was 15 and his sister was 13. He went crazy and snuck into the Capitol, managing to kill 3 gamemakers. As punishment, the Capitol did muttation testing on him rather than turning him into an Avox. As a result, he ended up as part-panther, and lost most of his human emotions. His parents refused to take him back and he became an orphan, rigging the reaping in order to avenge his sister in the next games.


Tommyboy's 4th Hunger Games: 5th out of 24

Allies with Sapphire Moon and De'Nada Dreader in the career alliance. A rouge career, Anna Krylov, captures Sapphire, and Panther and De'Nada end up having to rescue her. During the final showdown, Panther gets into a fight with Grass Whistle, another mutt. He is distracted when De'Nada kills Sapphire, and rips De'Nada's throat out in retaliation. When he goes back to fighting Grass, Anna tries to kill him but before she can, Grass sticks his claws into Panther's throat.

Clove1001's 254th Hunger Games 5th out of 24

Training Score: 10


  • He is one of Jabberjay's half-mutt tributes, the other being Grass Whistle.
  • He is Jabberjay's favorite villain.
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