Penny Green is a 23 year old from Virginia created specifically for moviepopcorn123's American Hunger Games.
ScreenHunter 05 Sep. 17 13.43

Skills: Very flexible, slightly seductive and completely merciless. She is good at archery and fairly resourceful and clever.

Weaknesses: Penny treats life as a giant game, she takes risks and that may be the cause of her demise. She's short.

Weapon: Bow and arrows. Also, knives.

Strategy: Seduce the males and make them do her bidding. She is planning to "play around with the children."

Personality: Such a vixen! She has a permanent smile etched on her face and crazy scarlet hair. She has a smattering of freckles across her nose. She's the kind of "curvy" men desire.

History: A string of ex-lovers/boyfriends. They weren't completely useless to her, though, she learned boxing from one, archery from a military official, and even karate from a foreigner!

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