Harlow Moon

Name: Harlow Moon

Age: 16

District: 3

Weapons: Throwing Axes,Mace.

Personality: Innocent,Caring,Deadly.

Strengths: Climbing,Making traps,H2H,Running,Perfect Accuracy.

Weaknesses: Swimming.

Fears: Spiders,Mutts.

Bloodbath Stategy: Grab supplies & weapons,if necessary,kill.

Games Strategy: Hide and pick people off one by one.

Token: Golden anklet with her sister's name carved on it.


Harlow is one of the two children in her family.They live a pretty happy life but there are some ups and downs at times.Harlow's mother works at the hospital in District 3 and her father works at the hardware store.Harlow goes to her dad's work 3 times a week to practice her axe throwing in the back room.Harlow also has a natural talent with a mace.


Harlow has a 7 year old sister,Silver,her mother,Blue,her father,Fuller,her grandmother,Gloria,and her grandafther David.

Physcial Information

Most kills in one game: 4

Best ranking: 4th

Worst ranking: 16th


"Going Somewhere?" - Said to Cholo (2) just after throwing an axe into Serenity's (1) back.

"Time to die" - Said to Spring (1) before Harlow sliced her head off with a machete.

"You really think you can beat me?" - Said to Lola (7)

"I've been waiting so long to kill you" - Said to Slide (12)

"Fight me" - Said to Olivia (2)

"Your pathetic." - Said to Jersey (7)

"Atleast I die with dignity" - Said to Bella (1)

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