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President David Earl Reginald Palmer, typically referred to as President DERP in the districts, is the 3rd President of Panem. He appears in multiple Hunger Games written by Beetee19.


Age: 54

Height: 5'11"

He was inaugurated following the end of the 15th Hunger Games, after the death of the previous president. He plans to follow in the footsteps of those before him. While he is not a bad man, he understands his responsibilities and makes most decisions based on them. Occasionally this benefits the districts, but it usually helps the Capitol. He is indifferent on the questionable ethics of the Hunger Games.


Beetee19's 19th Hunger Games: Jokingly mentioned by David Pierce. Executes the song-pickers for Districts 6 and 7. (Seven played Friday, they had it coming.)

Beetee19's 20th Hunger Games: Executed the guy who picked the song for District 10. Showed up with information on the trial of Alexander Lemonstrevich, D12 stylist accused of stealing the diary of previous victor Loomus Graham. Yelled at Gamemakers for making the final 2 tributes play Chutes and Ladders, then freaked out when Glade Frost decided to rebel by killing a Peacekeeper before committing suicide, allowing her district partner, Brann Clatch, to become victor.

Beetee19's 21st Hunger Games: FREAKED OUT when Gerrit Khone volunteered for Grim Frost (Glade's 12 yr old brother) and automatically gave him a training score of 14.5 to gain the attention of other tributes. At the end of the games, a rebellion began. He sent orders to arrest arena announcer Jimothy E. Rockstah for instigating a rebellion and brought in troops to quell it. The rebellion, however, succeeded when President DERP, attacking Paul Parmesan with a flamethrower, accidentally set fire to Paul's backpack, which was soaked in lighter fluid. Both DERP and Paul died in the resulting explosion.

Beetee19's Tributes
Victors Eva Woods, Artemis Kane, Astrid Mitchell, Azalea Firethorn, Troy Costas
Signature Tributes Azalea Firethorn, Alric Gould, Artemis Kane, Axl Lockhart, Camellia Winchester
District 1 Alric Gould, Leroy Brown, Penelope Underwood, Diamond Sharpe, Ruby Page
District 2 Artemis Kane, Earl Zoranovic, Sherwood Allen, Mason Yourface, Helen Yourface
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District 5 Charlie Ryder, Celeste Ryder, Zac Watt, Annabelle Volt
District 6 Axl Lockhart, Ella Webster, Connor Steele, Zoe Russell
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District 11 Reginald Turner, Astrid Mitchell, Emma Lien, JJJ Schmidt
District 12 Reyna Alvarez, Garfield Slater, Leo Algieba, Libra Gliese
Other Characters Jimothy E. Rockstah, President DERP, Jimmy X, Alexander Lemonstrevich
Troll Tributes Laquisha Bikinibottom Trolldemort IV, L'D'Irving J. McJingletonson IV, Lasheniqua Shontayoleo

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