Profecía Sonar is a tribute made by PoisonedPoetry. Please do not use her without permission.

Tribute form

Name: Profecía Sonar

Profecia Sonar2

District: Any will do, but she’s more than likely to be entered as the D8 female.

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Personality:Profecía is unfortunate to be very jumpy at the most inconvenient times. A lot of unfortunate events have happened to her, in both reality and in her mind.Due to this, most people assume her to be quite cowardly and with zero self-confidence, she basically doesn’t have many people to talk to. The majority of those who do will pick on her and taunt her until she walks away or very rarely cries. She is mentally tough to any words that would shatter somebody’s heart to little pieces. She is easily considered a social outcast because she will seldom have a conversation with anybody. It’s partially because of her timidly nature, but the main reason is because she doesn’t want to put herself in a position where she ends up killing a beloved one whether it is accidental or purposeful. In this first personality, she is very gentle, but hides away from everybody.

However, most people don’t know and don’t see the dark side of her. The main reason she’s tense all of the time is due to a secret she hides. She has a second personality: One that can suddenly overwhelm her and that will take over everything. Her eyes will start flashing red and gold, and the emotionless look on her face fills up with something that nobody would want to see – Blood lust. Anybody nearby can expect sudden mean outbursts from her before she attacks the person. If, somehow, her victim manages to fight her off, she uses her intelligence to plan a way for them to not reveal any information to anybody. Her main tactic is to stalk them, occasionally whispering to unease them. When they enter a building, Profecía will sneak in and hide wherever possible. When she catches them in her sights she will grab a nearby object and whack them over the head with it, knocking them out. Once that’s done, she will drag them to her ‘home’ – A pond with several stones surrounding it, suitable if anybody wanted a sit down. She will then drag them under water, and intent on committing murder, she will either drown them, or drag them further below until they reach a base. At that point, things will look grim for the victim. Profecía’s second personality becomes obvious: A merciless insane monster that seems to have been concocted up by none other than the devil himself. So that the backstory doesn’t further get spoiled, I will end the personality here. For my own sake.

Height: Profecía stands quite tall, at 5,9.

Appearance: When anybody comes across Profecía, they will immediately pick up on her hair colour – It is a dark shade of purple, imperial to be exact. She also has striking blue eyes, which even as a tiny detail makes her stand out that tiny bit more. She always seems emotionless, due to the blank look on her face, but it has proven effective enough to hide her other side.

Whilst Profecía is going through her monster phase, she is basically the same, only her eyes become carmine red. With the help of her eyebrows, she holds a fierce look that never drops until the moment where her victim dies. Her hands are rolled up tightly into fists, ready to punch and claw her way to victory.

Weapon(s): Despite not having trained with any weapons, Profecía seems to be adept at using the most classic weapon of all: The sword. For her, it is the most honourable weapon to wield and to die to, due to how noble it seems. For her second choice, it would be a spear because it can be fought with from both long distance and close range. However, she dislikes it a little bit because it’s ‘a prehistoric version of a lance, with needless throwing’. Finally Profecía is great at hand-to-hand combat, whenever she has taken on her monster persona. Whenever a future victim of hers goes into battle it is rare for them to see daytime again, since she delivers punches that knock the wind out of you, and kicks that are strong enough to break bone.

Strengths: (Normal) Profecía already has some epic battle skills and fighting strategies in her mind, due to her absorbing the information from her dreams whilst she was in a coma. She is also quite logical, always using her common sense when vital. Furthermore, her vigilance means she makes careful and wise decisions.

(Monster) As a monster, Profecía will persevere no matter the situation. Additionally, she has lightning-fast reflexes, meaning that firing a dart, bullet or arrow at her from a distance isn’t recommended. If anybody was to hit her from afar, then they would be considered true threats. Profecía is also formidable in her monster personality, providing her opponents with a tricky challenge. Attempt to kill at your own peril.

Weaknesses: (Normal) Profecía is too safe when she’s her normal nervous self, due to her low self-esteem. For example, if there was a chance to light a fire to burn the careers to ashes, then Profecía still won’t seize the chance, in the somewhat likely case of setting herself on fire. She can't swim well either, so any water-based areas are out of the question for her. Finally, she has low stamina, much like her monster form.

(Monster) With her monster personality, she is a risk taker ironically, and will always take the opportunity, particularly if it’s in the name of killing. Even if the odds of surviving from it are at 0.00001%, she will still go for it. Like her normal persona, she has low stamina. Even though she has fast reflexes, she will eventually tire out. That would then be the moment to strike. This is the same case with swimming.

Fears: Profecía’s main fear is hurting/killing any of her beloved ones, whether it is a friend or a family member. She has done this before, but that was when she wasn’t aware of her actions as a monster. Nobody ever informed her of the event, knowing that she would feel guilty, fall under depression, and become suicidal. In her opinion, being responsible for the wounds of a loved one is a sin to one’s sanity, which she doesn’t want to lose with her normal personality.

Training strategy: Profecía’s main target is to remain undetected and appear modest and weak. In the somewhat likely case of anybody taunting her, she will ignore them and show off a bit more of her strength. Even though she does want to be seen as weak, she doesn’t want the other tributes to think her as a super easy target.

Private Training Strategy: Profecía will aim for a moderate score, so that she doesn't seem too strong, but not too weak either. She will start off by killing a few holograms with a sword, hacking and slashing them into oblivion. Then she will warn them off a threat within her, just to be vague. When they look puzzled, PRofecía will bolt out of the room.

Interview angle: Profecía will act shy and weak onstage, aiming to gain pity from the other tributes. In the process, she would be able to act as if she would never be a killer, possibly lulling the other tributes into false security. She would’ve revealed about her second form, but her vow with the Government makes it impossible for her to, otherwise they would immediately kill her. Once she was in the arena, that is.

Bloodbath strategy: In the bloodbath, Profecía will go for the classic advice: Grab a backpack, and run. Get out of there. Never look back. She won’t need a weapon when she becomes the brutal monster she can be.

Games Strategy: Profecía will search for a good place to set up camp, so that she won't be ambushed easily or trapped. Then she will go hunting for food or search for water if needed. There's nothing to prevent her monster side from being let out, so there will be random moments where Profecía cannot control anything. As a monster, Profecía will likely hunt down another tribute to torture or to murder brutally. And it's unlikely that she'll snap out of it unless she creates the bloodshed that the Capitol and the monster version of her crave for.

Alliance: No matter what, Profecía will always be a loner. Even if somebody with a caring and compassionate tribute offered her an alliance, she will decline. If they ask why, she will respond with ‘To keep you safe…’

Token: A golden necklace, with a sapphire gem. It seems to represent something of great importance in Profecía’s backstory, but no matter how hard she tries, she doesn’t seem to figure out its uses. Maybe she will uncover the truth in the arena…


You glance from one side to another, as you walk down the road. You had just been to a wild party at a friend’s house, and decided to return home, due to being quite bored, even though there were a lot of activities.

You begin to regret leaving so early, as it is nearly pitch black. There are only a few street lamps to lead the way back to your house. Despite the light they produce, it only unnerves you even more. It feels like being an unsuspecting victim in a horror movie, only this was reality, and not a scene that was being rehearsed.

Suddenly, you hear the crunching of leaves behind you, and you spin around. Nothing. Being sure that it was probably only a rabbit or hare, you continue your journey back to your house. Once again, there is a rustle of leaves. You start to become worried, and decide to sprint home. You quickly check behind you to see whether anybody is tailing you or not. After checking behind your back for several seconds, you sigh with relief, and face forwards again, only to come face to face with a girl with purple hair and crimson red eyes. Ferocity is all that can be seen on her face. Immediately, you get a gut instinct that this girl has been tracking you all this time, and wants your blood. Before you can scream, she whacks a dent item into your head, so hard, that everything goes black instantly.

Your vision begins to blur a little, as your eyelids steadily flicker. The wooziness overtakes you for a couple of seconds more, until everything comes into focus. You start to take in your surroundings. Stone walls. Piles of plants. Vines hanging from the ceiling. It’s some kind of hideout. ‘But what kind of hideout?’ You think to yourself. ‘How did I even end up here?’

You hear a couple of footsteps in the distance. The sound echoes throughout the hideout. You try to sit upright, but you’re bounded by some vines. In an act of desperation, you start to tear at the vines with your teeth. After a few more steps, you can see the figure that approaches you. It’s that same girl you came across. The same girl who knocked you unconscious. You squirm against the binds that hold you in place. But then you realize all is hopeless when the girl steps right next to you.

Only then do you realize that her eyes are no longer carmine red. Instead, they’re a deep shade of blue, and instead of malice, they show… sympathy? ’Is this even the same person I came across?’ You begin to wonder.

“Welcome. Welcome to my home,” The girl says, a hospitable tone to her voice. “I know that you are confused about all of this, but all will be revealed in time. For now, you need sleep – It’s midnight,” You eye her up like she’s cuckoo. Does she even know that she dragged you there in the first place? Before you can protest against her advice, she smothers your mouth with her hand. You feel a powdery substances enter your mouth. Afterwards, your eyelids droop, and you fall asleep.

Like the previous time, your vision becomes hazy. Everything is a blur. You find it hard to find the outline of a shape, but you can identify a few items by their colour. Including the purple hair of the girl.

Once your eyesight recovers, you fearfully glance at your kidnapper, attempting to figure out her next move. However, she doesn’t show any signs of becoming offensive. Instead, she kneels next to you

“I’m – I’m sorry that I brought you here. It’s just that –“

“I don’t care what you say! Just let me go!” You continue to strain against the ropes, until the girl cuts the binds that held you in place. Despite the fact that you wanted to leave before, you no longer have the instinct to run and escape. After all, you don’t know the place at all. You’re stuck in the lair for now.

“Excuse me, but do you know the way out?” You ask, placing your hand on her shoulder. The girl jumps in surprise, and sighs.

“I-I can’t tell you yet. You’d just br-bring me to the police, to remain in c-custody, without me explaining..." You start to feel empathetic towards the girl, from the way she stutters.

‘You do realize that she could easily kill you at any moment,’ a voice says inside your head. You just shrug it off.

“So, what’s your name?” You ask.

“Profecía. Profecía Sonar.”

“Cool name. I’m Y/N.” Profecía nods, and offers her hand to you. You briefly pause, before you shake it.

“So, how did you end up here?” You inquire. Profecía begins to think.

“Well, bearing in mind that this is a long story, you may not wish to hear it.”

“But I want to,” Profecía gives a sigh of sorrow.

“Fine! I originally hailed from the Capitol, sadly. I hated the way practically everybody there was a mindless clown, and how we were all sheep, never being ourselves.

My parents were both actors in films, both being specialists in horror and all that. They usually played the people that got mangled into giant bloody corpses, and all that sh*t“ you snigger to yourself a little.

“Not that kind of sh*t, dummy!”

How kind,” You think to yourself, before you open your ears to Profecía’s story once more.

“As I was about to say, my parents would constantly doll me up as if I was a victim in a murder story. They forced me to wear ragged clothing, with fake blood dripping down it. I had to wear contact lenses that made it look like my eyes had faded away, as if I died. I absolutely hated the way they made me look like something to investigate,yet wasn't even worth examining. Everybody stared bemusedly at me, as if I was the crazy one! They didn’t realize that my idiotic parents were the reason why I appeared to be the undead!” You notice Profecía’s hand clench tightly into fists, shaking furiously.

“Umm, Profecía? Your hands.” She looks down, and grabs the shaking hand with her other one.

“Sorry about that. The thought of my parents inflicts fury onto me.”

“I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t hate them that much for dressing you like a –“

“No! That’s not the main reason why I despised them!” Profecía snaps. After noticing the frightened expression on your face, she takes a deep breath.

“Sorry about that. Anyways, back to the story. One day, I thought ‘enough was enough!’ When my parents provided me with yet another tatty dress, I snapped at them. All the tension inside of me burst out like a balloon. ‘Mum, Dad! You cannot control whatever I do! Everybody has been taught to make their own decisions, and seek advice from their choices! You could at least have done the same for me! But oh no! You just have to control me like a lab rat! For once, couldn’t you stop being controlling power-hungry freaks?!’ In shock, my parents stared at me wide-eyed. It was difficult to pick up on their thoughts. It was possible that they were thinking ‘What have we done? Why have we been rejecting our daughter? We must make it up to her!’ That was the response I was expecting. But instead, Mum gave me a fierce glare, and started shouting back.” You imagine yourself in Profecía’s shoes at that point, and feel a pit of dread churn in your stomach.

“Mum’s face was full of irritation. ‘Shut up! You were an ungrateful wretch of a daughter all this time?! And you never showed it?! You were always impossible as an infant Profecía! Why must you be a stupid little b*tch?! ‘When nobody was expecting it, I felt a stinging sensation on my face. To my shock and horror, Mum had slapped me. Tears started streaming down my face. I pleaded for Dad to help me out, to speak his opinion. He gave me a look of sorrow, before he grabbed a baseball bat. It didn’t take rocket science for me to realize that he was going to whack me over the head with it. And sure enough, he did. I hoped that soon, it would be over, that this was all a nightmare. But it wasn’t. Dad continued to beat me with the baseball bat all over. There were bruises all over me. He dealt one last blow to my head, before I blacked out. I still have that bruise on my head, actually.” Profecía circles her finger around a spot behind her head. You move a few strands of hair out of the way to inspect it further. Whilst it is faint, you can still see a purple mark there. Carefully, you return Profecía's hair to its original position, being careful not to make it worse.

“When I woke up, I was at a hospital, hooked up to a machine. A doctor with rainbow-coloured hair was lightly prodding my nose with a pen. I gave him a feisty glare, and told him to f*ck off, although those weren’t my exact words. Yet still, he kept prodding me with the pen. It started to drive me crazy, so I gave him a massive slap on his cheek, stunning him greatly.” You giggle to yourself as you picture the seemingly comedic scene in your head. Profecía takes no notice of the laughter though, and continues. “He started to moan in deep agony, before a trainee nurse rushed over to him. I did feel quite guilty about smacking him. I wanted to help out as well, so I tried to stand up. The result – I found out that the slap used up a lot of my energy. I couldn’t bring myself to sit up, let alone stand. Despite this, I kept going, until I realized that it would be futile. Marshmallows?” Profecía holds aloft a bagful of marshmallows, and offers you some. Thanking her, you take five, and shove them all in your mouth. You had forgotten the taste of them, since the last time you ate some was when you was very young. Licking your lips, you continue to hear out Profecía’s tale.

“My parents came sprinting in, giving me massive hugs and showing genuine concern for my health. However, I still remembered the events of what I presumed to be the previous day. Nonetheless, I returned the hugs back to them. Sadly, they weren’t happy because I was very much alive and well. They explained that they were happy for me, because I would be going to live with my aunt Camilla, to give them some slack. My eyes widened in shock. It seemed like they never cared for me at all. Heck, it was like they wished that never in their lives would I have existed. I protested strongly, exclaiming that this wasn’t the way families should work. I stated several things, but they were having none of it. All they did was pretend that they couldn’t hear me, and instead stared at the machine I was hooked up to. Fear begun to rise in my chest, panic was swarming my mind. I believed that things were looking grim for me. The way it seemed, I thought my parents were planning to unhook me once all the hospital staff were out of the room. Unhooking me would mean my death, and they would have the time of their life celebrating. They would be free from ‘an ungrateful wretch of a daughter’ and a ‘stupid little b*tch’. Thankfully, I was just being paranoid, rather than having my ideas of the very close future happen. Still, I was terrified around them, as their sudden hostility had brought me here. If it had heavily damaged me once, physically, mentally and emotionally, then it could happen again. With no choice, I agreed to see aunt Camilla.

“There was an awkward silence between me and my parents in the car. None of us spoke for three quarters of the journey, until Dad started whispering something to mum. I could barely hear a word of it at first, but then I could hear it much more loudly. A tad too loud for my liking. Nonetheless, I continued to eavesdrop on the conversation.

‘She mustn’t know the truth; you do realize that, don’t you?”

“Yes, but she’ll eventually figure it out. She’s smart like that,” Mum rolled her eyes moodily, and started to hiss at him.

“No! She’ll never figure it out! She’s just a stupid dumb child, with no smarts at all! There’s nothing special about her – She’s just average!” The words stung at me like a swarm of tracker jackers. Not because I felt like I was special, but because it was the truth – I was one of the plain normal girls.

After one hour of driving, we finally reached the place where Aunt Camilla lived. It was a small shanty cottage, which appeared as if it would cave in soon. The wooden planks were filthily rotten, and in no condition to be used as building material. The thatching, which was supposed to be a roof, was missing in massive chunks. I could barely believe that anybody could survive in that dingy place, let alone WANT to live there.

My parents dragged my suitcase full of possessions to the front door, and informed me to just enter the cottage if she didn’t answer the door. They also told me that if I needed anything, that they would be behind the cottage for a few minutes to see how Aunt Camilla’s garden was doing. Something seemed off, since she was stated several times to be ‘Too weak to do anything but to breathe, stand, walk, eat, drink and talk.’ Nonetheless, being the stupid little child I was, I knocked on the door. Or at least what remained of it. The result – She didn’t answer. Once more, I knocked. Still nothing. With that, I entered to find a barren room. There was nothing in there, or anywhere else for that matter.”

“But why the heck would your parents lead you there? And how the heck do you remember all of this?!” You question, bewildered by how accurate her memory seems.

“For the first question, I’m coming to that. As for the second one, that’s a tale for later,” You nod slightly, before Profecía continues. “I sat on my suitcase, waiting for Aunt Camilla to arrive. But she didn’t. She never did. And I wouldn’t have found out why, if I allowed myself to become absorbed by the fire.

“There was a fire?”

“Yes. After a few minutes of waiting, I smelt something burning. Like charcoal. I myself wasn’t keen on the smell, so I moved to the back of the house. Peculiarly, there were no doors or windows. It left me pondering why somebody would exit through the front door to return to the back and garden their plants. I kept thinking about it, until I screamed at the sight of the flames. They leaked in from the outside, and spread like wildfire in a matter of moments. I could no longer assess the situation – I had to act by instinct. What I did was that I rushed to the front door, trying to escape. However, it was locked. I was locked in, and trapped with the blaze on my tail. I started to bang my fists on the door, screeching for help, even though deep down, I knew that all attempts to save my life would be futile – Hardly anybody, if not, nobody passed through this route, leaving me with slim odds of surviving, and with no hope at all. My last chance was to knock the door down. I started kicking ferociously at it. With each hard blow, I tired out more quickly, No matter what I did, the door wouldn’t budge an inch. It was surprisingly strong for something in bad condition. I felt my head going fuzzy, and darkness started to creep in from the edges of my vision. This was it – This was the end of me, the end of my life on this world. I felt myself falling against a wall. My last thoughts were that my parents would never love me, and that they had decided to bring me to my untimely death. And then I blacked out.” The two of you look to the skies, seeing pitch black other than the stars.

“I think you should continue the story tomorrow.” You say. Profecía nods in response.

“I’m quite tired anyway, so I was going to suggest that. Goodnight Y/N!”


The next day, you start groaning as you hear a sizzling sound. Your nose starts to twitch, and takes in the smell of bacon. Tomatoes. Eggs. Lots of meat. ‘Something smells good!’ You think to yourself, finding yourself strolling to the smell. It turns out that Profecía was cooking a fry-up for you. And she’s nearly done (If you’re a vegetarian, pretend that you aren’t).

Once she’s finished, she hands you a plate with all the traditional items you would have in a fry-up. Drool dribbles down your mouth, and you start to scoff down everything. By the time you’re finished, Profecía has only ate her eggs and bacon. She begins to laugh at the greasy mess around your mouth, to which you blush slightly. Once the two of you finish eating, Profecía starts thinking.

“Where was I, Y/N?”

“If I recall correctly, you was at the point where you blacked out in the fire. On another note, how can you remember the events, but not this?”

“I do remember, I was just testing you. Anyways, my eyelids kept flickering. Through each slit that opened, I could see a woman with short black hair. I didn’t spot anything else that was unusual. But when my eyes fully opened, it turned out that I was in a room full of rainbows and unicorns. I recoiled and struggled to close my eyes again. The theme was too exuberant for my taste. It felt like it was stealing all of my vision, blinding me slowly.

‘Yes, the room is quite bright, but this is the furthest I can tone down the colours,’ Reluctantly, I forced my eyes open again. It turned out that it wasn’t just the black-haired woman there, but three children. Two were young boys, with black hair just like who I presume to be their mother. The other one, who was an even younger girl, didn’t share the same hair colour. Instead, she was a blonde-head. The brothers kept pulling their tongues out at her, causing her to hide behind the woman.

‘Where am I?’ I grunted, rubbing my head. The woman gave me a sympathetic look, and patted my back.

‘You are currently in our home, in little Amelia’s room,” The woman patted Amelia’s head, saying something inaudible. ‘These two little bundles of joy are Romulus and Remus. I am Camilla Sonar!’

‘Wait, do you have a sister?’ I asked, deeply suspicious of her identity.

‘As a matter of fact, I do! She’s currently married, and has a little girl known as Profecía. Why?’ Tears started to well up, as I started to hug Camilla.

‘You’re my Aunt! I can’t believe it!’

‘Is there something I’m missing?’ Remus asked, giving Romulus a puzzled look.’

‘Remus, Profecía obviously ran away from home! She was found here last night, unconscious in our garden.’

‘Was she?’ Romulus and Amelia face-palmed.

‘She was, Remus. You need to learn to pay attention.” Amelia started to giggle, which led to her receiving glares off of Romulus and Remus. Camilla hushed them down, before turning to face me again.

‘Profecía? Is that really you?’ I nodded tearfully, once more pulling Aunt into a massive embrace. Against all odds, I survived being brutally beaten and being trapped in the flames. Although I was glad to be alive, one thing still struck me as odd – How could I have been found in their garden? After all, I blacked out inside of the cottage. There was no way I could’ve escaped the terrors that were lying in wait for me. It didn’t matter though – No matter the possibilities, they all had one thing in common – the result was that I found a secure haven for myself to take shelter in.

Aunt Camilla commissioned Romulus, Remus and Amelia to clear some space in the attic for me to stay with them in. Apparently, they had no spare bedrooms, so I would have to sleep in the room that most murderers and crazy hermits lived in. If there was anybody like that in this attic, then I knew I would be f*cked. After the events of the fire, I had become really paranoid, so this was basically my nightmare in reality.

Later that day, Aunt Camilla enquired to why I was on my own, and not with my parents. My cousins begged for me to tell them, but I didn’t want them to have to imagine the terrors I endured. I had to kneel down and explain that it’s something they’d prefer not to hear. I warned them that if they decided to stay, they would get nightmares. Remus nodded and backed off alongside Amelia, but Romulus insisted that even if a crazed murderer dressed as a skeleton was chasing him, he would never get startled. Aunt Camilla tried to usher him out, but he simply refused to obey her. With no other choice, we allowed him to stay for the story. Remus and Amelia fled into their bedrooms, away from the harsh truth.” All the mentions of Romulus, Remus and Amelia remind you of your three little siblings back at home, only you have two sisters and a brother.

“So I explained every little detail about the inferno, including how I suspected that my parents started it. I never left anything out on the events concerning the cottage and the fire. At the end of it, Romulus was quivering in his boots, whilst Aunt Camilla shook her head in disgust at the recklessness of my parents.

‘Ugh, of course Marcia would abuse you – She’s so used to it on the big screen that she feels though as if it happens a lot to her. I tell you, she wouldn’t know reality, even if it was to slap her in the face.’

‘Aunt Camilla? I never stated that she actually set the cottage on fire. I can only presume so…’ She then face-palmed, and dragged me by the wrist into her kitchen. Slowly, Aunt Camilla started to kneel down, holding on of my hands in hers. She started to speak with a calm tone to her voice, the kind that was spooky, yet comfortable at the same time.

‘Profecía, you need to listen. Your parents are still out there, and they will track you down. They want you dead. Or at least Marcia does. She’s wrapped your Dad around her finger. He allows himself to be controlled by the bi- I mean, umm, by, how do I put this?’

‘You can use the word that you was going to say – Mum called me one after I revealed that I hated looking like a bloody corpse.’  Aunt Camilla gave me an empathetic look, and patted me on the back.

‘I didn’t pause midway because of fear that you’d imitate me. I paused because I made a bet with your mum that I couldn’t swear 10 times in my life. If I swore 10 times, your mum would shoot me. If I succeeded, then your mum would have to leave Panem.’ I gasped at the shock – My mum really was a conniving vixen. ‘What’s worse is that she forced me to do so, otherwise my beloved rabbit would receive the bullet. And guess what? She still shot it!’ Aunt Camilla started to weep waterfalls of tears, occasionally calling for ‘Mr. Floppy’. I guessed that it was the name of her rabbit. Now it was my turn to calm her down – I kept patting her back, whispering words of encouragement. For the first time in forever, I had finally found a close family bond. Neither Mum, nor Dad had been as good a parent as Aunt Camilla had been.

3 years passed, and I reached the age of 12. Romulus and Remus passed away after a car ran the two over whilst they were on their way to school. Amelia was still very well, but something in her was changing. Before, she was an innocent and pure girl. But now, she started to mutter crazy things all the time. She dyed her hair jet black, and started to wield a knife wherever she went. Sometimes, she would be crying day in and day out. At other times, she would be on a rampage, shredding and trashing everything in her room. There was even that rare occasion where she hurt me and Aunt Camilla physically. She would leap on top of us and start pulling our hair, as well as kicking us. Aunt Camilla believed that she was going mentally unstable over Romulus and Remus’s deaths, but I had reason to believe otherwise: Who would try to attack somebody whilst under mourning? To try to figure this out, I logged onto a computer and started doing some research. Nothing of interest popped up, until I came across a website with an unusual title: The Peligro family. But before I could click on it, Aunt Camilla called me down. She wanted to have a word with me in private.

She led me to the kitchen, where she bolted the door. She then gave me a grave look, and tears begin to well up in her eyes.

‘Profecía, there’s something I must confess…’ She pulled out a birth document that had my name on it. I read it, absorbing the names. My father, Taurus Sonar, was there. But the section that revealed my Mum was different than that of what it should be. Instead of reading ‘Marcia Sonar’, it said ‘Camilla Sonar’. My eyes widened in shock – Aunt Camilla wasn’t my Aunt, she was my mother.

‘Once, your Dad and I were happily married. Not long after we got together, I found out that there were two lives inside of me. A boy and a girl. We felt like we were too young, so we decided to have an abortion. 34 weeks later, I felt super ill. I kept throwing up, and felt an urgent need to push. Assuming that I had a bad case of diarrhoea, I sat on the toilet, waiting for the, umm, poo, to come out. I thought that it would’ve been massive, since I was straining so badly. The area between my legs was on fire. I kept pushing, until I heard something fall into the toilet. I looked and saw not, umm, poo, but a young baby instead. I felt astonished, and called for your Dad. He eyeballed me in horror, and the young baby. We had to call the hospital to cut the umbilical cord. It survived the abortion, but the same couldn’t be said for its sibling. Believe it or not, the baby that persisted was you.’” You widen your eyes in shock. Not because of the fact that Profecía’s Aunt was really her mother, but the fact that she could recall somebody’s point of view on childbirth without showing any repulsion. It didn’t feel natural to you at all.

“I continued to listen to my true Mum. ‘Together, we raised you happily for a year, until she came back into my life. My sister had returned from filming a movie that she was set to star in. I introduced her to your Dad, and the two acted like best friends. But I became suspicious – Your father was always on the phone, or out drinking. He disappeared for days on end, only to return for a few hours. I somehow already knew that my lover and my sister were playing at it. In the end, we both went our separate ways. Yet, that wasn’t the end – Marcia ended up persuading him to steal you away from me. We never got into contact since. I always pictured him and Marcia, smiling as the two acted together. In time, I met somebody new and gave birth to the twins and Amelia. Soon after Amelia’s birth, their father died from falling out of a building after the place he worked at exploded. Since then, I’ve had to raise the trio by myself with no help.’ Several thoughts swarmed my mind. At first, I was glad to know of the truth, but at the same time, I felt anger. Why would she tell me now, and not earlier in my life. Both were fighting against one another, hoping to gain dominance over the other. Eventually, anger came out on top.” Profecía’s lips tremble as she grabs her hand tightly.

“I remember every exact word. And I hate it. ‘After all this time, now is the perfect moment to tell me?!  I’ve had to live without a true motherly figure for years, and you never decided to try and claim custody of me?! What the f*ck have you been doing all this time?! Just twiddling your thumbs and hoping for the best?! Maybe you don’t care for me after all! This was probably an act to lower my defences, so you could restart all the negatives in my life! You wanted to hurt me mentally, and you wanted to see me crack under the pressure! Now you’ve got your stupid f*cking wish! Guess what?! I’ll be leaving this sh*tty prison, and you can celebrate, you stupid b*tch! Also, I don’t care whether or not I’ll survive – At least I’ll be free from all the f*cking jerks in this f*cking family!’ Once more, my head started feeling fuzzy, and a pit of nausea churned in my stomach. Darkness crept into my vision, just like what happened when I was in that inferno. I found myself growling, and then blacked out, just as I leapt towards my real Mum.” You start to gain the nerves.

I felt nothing and saw nothing but darkness for ages, until a spotlight beamed down on me. I groaned groggily, and surprisingly managed to stand up. Suddenly, I could see again. But I was surrounded by walls on every side, except for one. I didn’t feel like adventuring through something that could potentially lure me to my death. For minutes, I just stood there, rooted to the spot. Suddenly, I heard a growl behind me. Three skeletons shaped like bears begun to claw at me. One successfully scratched my face, knocking me to the ground. Swiftly, I flung myself up and took a chance through the gap in the walls.

I continued to run through the walls, hoping to escape the clutches of the skeleton bears. I didn’t see anything helpful, or notice anything – I just ran where my instinct told me to go. It was after an hour of running that I noticed that there were multiple paths. At this point, I wanted to stop running. I had already ran out of energy after 5 minutes, and survived for another 55. However much I felt like stopping, the growls of the skeleton bears motivated me. Because like the hunger games, this was a game to show my survival.

After what felt like days of running, I finally came across a dead end. I spun around to see the skeleton bears licking what would’ve been their lips. Smirks played on their faces, causing me to break out in panic. I continuously banged against all the walls that left me ensnared with the creatures of doom. Once more, I came across my nightmare. Only this was one that I couldn’t escape from. I was just about ready to give up my life, when I sensed the presence of something that could help me. In my right hand was a sword, crafted with a diamond blade. In my left hand was a spear, with the tip also made from diamond. A new will to fight started to flow through my veins and blood. I gave a battle-cry, and charged towards the skeleton bears. One stepped forwards, whilst the other two stayed behind. I started to duel with the bear, whacking it in several places with my sword. We both sustained injuries in our fierce combat, but nothing much happened until I sliced off the coccyx bone, which caused the bear to melt into ash and dust. My target had to be on their tails, otherwise the fights would persist.

The second skeleton bear put up a harsher battle, and knocked the sword out of my hand. It then landed several blows on me, before I held up my spear. Once more, it landed blow after blow, trying to swipe my spear away from my reach. Once more, I continued to swing the spear, until I threw it in frustration. The result – It landed on the coccyx bone. The second bear met its maker, and found itself with the same fate as the first bear.

Finally, the third bear was up. Almost immediately, I lost the spear to its jaws. This time, I had to think like a street fighter. For all I could do now was fight in hand-to-hand combat. And that in itself would prove a challenge, especially since the bear had claws and I didn’t. It tried to claw and scratch at me all the time. With each attack attempt, I dodged it. Whenever it tried to punch or kick me, I blocked it, and used it to my advantage. The same thing happened whenever I tried the bear’s tactics, and vice versa. This bear was putting up a greater fight than the others put together. Once more, I had to think wisely. Then it struck me – I should be more unpredictable. I begin to feint around all the blows, and struck in areas nowhere near the bear. It would swipe towards my first move, but then I’d deliver another attack where it least expected it. This continued for a while, until I flipped over the bear whilst trying that tactic again. Once more, I took the chance to wipe it out, and eliminated the last standing threat.” You jaw hangs open in surprise – You believe you could never do the same thing.

“I know – I had no idea how I became so powerful, so ruthless. But I did know that it would be the end of Mrs Nice girl for now. That aside, afterwards, the dead end opened to reveal another doorway. Cautiously, I peered in, and gasped at the sight: Several precious gems and gold were scattered all over the place. However, that wasn’t what I gasped at – Instead, it was a set of massive golden shrines and statues that caught my attention. There were names inscribed on all of them – Athena, Ares, Mars, and several others. What was truly weird was that each name was followed by the same surname: Peligro. I had heard of Peligro from somewhere, but I couldn’t remember how. That was when I noticed a statue that looked like me. I dared myself to feel it. I saw every detail. There was no denying it – That was me. And my name was inscribed there too, only it said Profecía Peligro. There real surprise though was that there was an inscription on one wall of stone. Excuse me a second whilst I try to recite it.” Profecía begins to think deeply once more, as she starts to take a deep breath. “’This is the shrine and tomb to the Peligro family, a bloodline of fierce warriors that each worshipped an animal, and adapted to their fighting style. The majority undertook strategies similar to wolves. The most powerful ones had different animals to fight against. The alpha of these though would have fought bears.’ I had just fought a bear – ‘Did this mean I was one of the most powerful ones?’ I wondered. ‘Underneath their cool exterior lies a bloodthirsty monster. One that would destroy all in their paths to their desires. Despite this, they weren’t invincible. This was proven after a rebellion occurred. One that has long been forgotten. From this, the Peligro family nearly died out. Everybody presumed them to be dead, which was just as good, since survivors would be executed for being major threats. Those that lived on changed their surnames to protect their identities.’ I wanted to see whether either of my blood parents were also part of the Peligro family, so I checked the shrine and statue next to mine. It read ‘Camilla Peligro.’ From this, I guessed that only one was born every generation. I was the newest of them all, and I had to produce the next offspring.’

Suddenly, I bolted upright, finding myself sat on a bed. I was in a white room, hooked up to a life-support machine. I casually pulled off the wires that kept me alive, and tentatively took a few steps towards a mirror. It was still the same me, only I had creepy carmine eyes. But mine were usually blue. I felt unnerved, and sprinted towards a door. All of a sudden, I felt something inject into my arm. I felt unusually calmer, and slumped to the floor. The door flung open to reveal three men – two were peacekeepers, and one looked like a scientist. The peacekeepers lifted me and plonked me back onto the bed. I kept watching the three for anything mistrustful. Nothing. I felt like I could trust all of them.

‘Finally! You’re awake – It’s been a whole week!’ I felt confused – how was I asleep for a week? I was still awake, surely? Unless… was the Peligro family a dream. I felt my cheek. The scratch was still there.

‘What’s happened?’ I asked. ‘Where am I? Why am I here?’

‘Oh, my apologies. Welcome to Crazy Bark’s mental asylum, District 8!’ My brain cells felt like they had disappeared – How could I be in District 8? ‘As for why you’re here, I’ll explain – You have a rare genetic disorder, known as The Amino syndrome. Basically, you have two personalities – One where you’re normal, and the other where you become a raging bloodhound. There’s two kinds of Amino syndrome – Level a and level b. Level B is where the genetically infected people black out whenever they become fearsome. Sometimes, level B people will have their genes develop in Level A, where those who have this condition will be able to see what they’re doing, but not control it. We tested you, and you’re one of the few who has developed from level B to A. Sorry to say, but you’ll have to stay here until we can cure you…’

‘But… how did I end up here in the first place?’ I enquired, feeling a slight anger.

‘Well, we found you down the road – You was running like crazy, battling three thugs. You bit the neck of one, slit the throat of another, and tore out the heart of the final one. Just as you celebrated in victory, a car came and rammed into you, knocking you out cold. You were transferred to the best hospital in District 8, but the doctors examined you and found out about your condition. And that’s when you ended up here! Simple as!’ I felt even more rage bubble inside of me. That’s when the dizziness and darkness begin to possess me again. Unlike the times I remembered, however, I didn’t black out. Instead, everything in eyesight turned a shade of red. The scientist and Peacekeepers backed off slowly, but I gave a growl, and clawed out the eyes of the scientist. He screamed in shock as a crimson fluid ran down his face. I felt myself eating his squishy, disgusting eyes. I tried to stop myself, but I found out that the scientist wasn’t lying when he said that I couldn’t control myself.

The Peacekeepers fired loads of bullets at me, but I swiftly dodged them. They continued to fire, and fire, until they had no ammunition left. I found myself smirking, and leaping on top of them. With one swift movement, I slit the throat of one of the Peacekeepers with my bare fingernails. The other one tried to shriek, but I ploughed a vase into his head, knocking him out. I dug through the skin on top of his head, until I came across his skull. Once more, I used the vase to crack into it, even using the shards to chip away, Eventually, I found his brain. Pink and fleshy. As wobbly as jelly. As smelly as cheese. I tore it out of his head, and ate it. The monster version of me found it much more delectable than the eyeballs.

I sprinted out of the room, into the main corridor, where more peacekeepers waited for me. After seeing the sheer force of them, I fled away from them, until I ploughed through a window to escape. Luckily, it was on the first floor. I heard several bullets whizz past me as I sped over the road into the forest that loomed over the buildings.

I continued to run, until I tripped over a log. At this point, the shades of red that were previously in my vision where gone, and everything appeared normal again. I still cried though – I was by myself in a forest, without anybody to support me. All I wanted to do was go home. But I couldn’t. I kept wondering how I could survive in a harsh environment like this, until I saw a river, several bushes containing berries, and lots of wildlife. At the sight of those, I laughed like a maniac. For once, I felt happy in my life. That was, until I found myself blacking out more frequently. And when I did, I would go on the prowl for humans to torture. If I could stop myself, I would. Nobody has ever survived an encounter with me, until you came along… and that is my tale, I guess…” You give Profecía a warm hug, to let her know that you’ll forever support her, no matter what.

“I guess I’d better be off before ‘You know what’ happens. Hopefully, we’ll see each other soon!”

“Hopefully, we will! Oh, and the exit is hidden behind that boulder!” You look to where Profecía is pointing, and shove the boulder out of the way.

“Farewell for now!” Before you exit the cave, you turn behind you to see Profecía waving at you. You smile brightly back at her, and exit.

The next day is reaping day. You dress in your fanciest outfit, and walk with your parents to the square. Once you’re in the area, the reapings commence. The escort babbles on about stuff that you don’t care about. You start to fall asleep due to the boredom. The male tribute has been announced, and it’s time for the female to be revealed.

“Profecía Sonar!” You splutter in disbelief as the escort says the name. You see Profecía walk to the stage, clenching her fists tightly. You get a bad feeling.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you-“ She is interrupted by a growl from Profecía. Her eyes become carmine red, just like they were when you first saw her. Suddenly, she dives into the crowd, and heads towards you. The Peacekeepers try to stop her in her tracks, but she quickly ducks and dodges out of the way, until she comes across you. She suddenly leaps onto you, and starts clawing at you.

“Profecía, please!” She ignores your pleas, and plunges her hand into your chest, pulling out your heart. Your thoughts all halt as everything becomes black.

(Total words in backstory: around 7, 300)

Optional - Backstory Summary

Profecía was born to two actors. They specialized in horror films, so they tried to dress Profec ía as if she was a character. She hated being dressed as a corpse. She kept her cool, until she had had enough. She lashed out at her mother, who slapped her in retaliation. Then her Dad started whacking her with a baseball bat. It wasn’t long before she blacked out.

She then woke up in a hospital, where she slapped a doctor with great ferocity. This drained her of the rest of her energy, so she slumped back down. Her parents showed her sympathy and hugged her, but she was still weary of them. But then came a bombshell – She had to go and live with her Aunt Camilla.

On the way back to their house, she overheard them speaking about how must never find out the truth. Whatever that was.

She was dropped off at a shack and told to go inside. She knocked on the door, but came no answer. She did this 2 more times before Profec ía charged in. Later, the house was set on fire, presumably by her parents. She couldn’t escape as the door was jammed. Stuck in the flames and inhaling the smoke, she was blacking out. With the last of her strength, she kicked open the door. Yet she still blacked

She woke up in a room with a woman, two young boys and a girl. She found out that this was her Aunt Camilla, and the boys were Romulus and Remus. The girl was named Amelia. She then explained the events to her Aunt.

Profec ía lived happily with the quartet, until Romulus and Remus died in a car crash. Amelia became more solitary and more emo by the day. This was the point Aunt Camilla had to confess something – She wasn’t Profec ía’s Aunt, but her biological mother. In anger, Profec ía lashed out at her. But halfway, she blacked out yet again.

She ended up in the dream world where she was in a maze. Three ghost bears were chasing after her, until Profec ía came across a dead end. She prepared to die, when a sword and a spear both appeared in either of her hands. She managed to fight the first two bears, but the third one was harder. No sooner had she defeated them that she entered a crypt. There, she came across a shrine of the Peligro family, a fearsome family that held a bloodthirsty monster in their interior. The most powerful would’ve fought bears, like Profec ía did. And she was one of the Peligro family.

She woke up in a mental asylum. She looked into a mirror and saw she had carmine eyes instead of blue ones. She was then injected and became calmer. A doctor said that she had been asleep for a week, and was in district 8. He explained everything, but Profec ía felt dizzy. Before she knew it, she had killed him. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t control herself. The Peacekeepers tried to shoot her, but all their bullets missed. She managed to kill them all and escape the asylum. From that point on, she started to kill more innocent people on a regular basis. That was, until she met a random person. She explained her tale to him/her and at the end thanked them. The next day was reaping day, and she was reaped. Just as the escort was about to conclude the reapings, Profec ía entered her monster form and killed the random person she told her story to, by plucking their heart through their chest.


Oddly enough, no songs were used for inspiration. (Actually, there wasn't much inspiration. XD)

The scene where Profecía and the reader first start talking is based on the scene in TMNT (2007) Where Leonardo updates April on what the other turtles are doing.

To give me the motivation needed to finish Profecía, I kept reading Kronus Blade and Hawthorne Willows, who were the two longest tributes at the time.

I was further motivated when I reserved Profecía's spot in a hunger games, and I had just 12 hours to finish her.


* Profecía is a project of mine to see whether she can hold the record for the longest tribute, which she had succeeded in becoming. 

(Note from 23/03/15 - Profecía has been dethroned by another tribute of mine, Eliza Ryder. She held the record for 1 month and 1 day)

* Profecía means 'prophecy' in Spanish.

* Sonar means 'sound' in Spanish.

* I'm not sure, but Profecía could be one of the first tributes whose backstory is told in the 2nd person, rather than the first or third.

* Even though it's not directly mentioned, Profecía killed 'Aunt' Camilla.

* There were several ideas I wanted to incorporate into the story, but they didn't work out for several reasons.

* Originally, 'Aunt' Camilla wasn't going to turn out to be Profecía's Mum.

* Profecía was going to murder Marcia and her father.

* There was going to be a medieval-based dream.

* The reader wasn't going to die.

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