Rachel golden

Rachel Golden was the District 3 female for Mysims's 106th Hunger Games.

106th Hunger Games

In the 106th Hunger Games, she wasn't seen in the bloodbath. Her district partner died in the bloodbath, but it didn't affect her much. On the second day, she met up with Aven Rosedain from District 10, and killed Larz Williams from District 9, who attempted to kill them. Then, a mutt came along and she became injured. She and Aven hid in a changing room to get away from it. Soon afterwards, everyone was released under the arena to face a challenge. Rachel was unconscious, and Aven had to solve four riddles to keep her from falling into a pool of acid. Aven answered the third incorrectly, so Rachel went down into the acid, and she ended up placing 9th.

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