District: 8
Raquel Numez

Raquel Numez

District Partner: Down Smith

Age: 17

Weapon: Sword

Skills: Not much really. She knows how to use a sword fencing style. Fashion and make-up. Can weave. Will earn sponsers thanks to her personality.

Strategy: Join the Careers (they probably won't let her) and parasiticly eat their supplies and a bunch of sponser gifts.

Token: Compact mirror with make up.

Weaknesses: Ditz. Has no real skills.

Quote: "These games are gonna be a piece of cake!"

Persoanlity: Stuck-up, uptight. Good lier, spoiled rotten. Knows how to come on as a nice person though. (Will use this to trick the Capital into sponsering her).

History: Her family came from Mexico to tour the textile facotries that supplied fabric to her FAther's clothing store chain. The were not allowed to leave and have lived in district 8 ever since. She's still very rich though as her Dad still owns his masssive clothing store chain and there fore Raquel is very spoiled, she has no real friends and bullies girls at school.

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