Reyna Alvarez is a tribute created by Beetee19. She lives in District Twelve, and her district partner is Leo Algieba or Garfield Slater.


Age: 13

District: 12

Weapon: Reyna will choose an axe or a dagger; she has no preference between the two.

Personality: Complex, to say the least. Reyna is a realist, so she’s usually very analytical of whatever situation she happens to be in. She’s typically friendly and acts like a typical girl of thirteen, but she has a hard time opening up about herself, even to her family. She’s typically calm but becomes stressed when things don’t go how she planned.

Strengths: Reyna is in good physical shape for her age and has a tendency to pick up on things quickly. Coming from the Seam, she’s a natural problem solver. She simply finds a way to get things done, as nobody is more dedicated than Reyna to what they do.

Weaknesses: Reyna is kind of a perfectionist, and she doesn’t always get along well with those that don’t share her views. She also has a size/strength disadvantage compared to most other tributes.

Strategy: Reyna, having a bit of a physical disadvantage, will likely try to simply grab whatever the closest thing is to her plate and flee. If that means going without a weapon, so be it for that time. She’ll try to get a good idea of where the stronger tributes are and stay away from them, but near a good source of water, living off of berries and whatnot for a while. If she does manage to get a weapon, she’ll hunt down small animals and set traps. She’ll continue to analyze her situation mentally and make sure to avoid any stupid mistakes.

Fear: Having to watch her allies die

Token: A small coin

History: Reyna lives in the Seam and has an older and younger brother. Her family has been a mess ever since her parents got divorced, and she’s been forced to work four hours a day after school to get enough money for food and clothes. Her brothers are all she really has to hold on to at this point, so they are all very close. Her brothers, obviously, were devastated that she was reaped, and so she vowed to come home for them. Her parents, on the other hand, couldn’t care less; her mother hates all her kids (she thinks they caused the divorce) and her father is an alcoholic who occasionally turns abusive. Reyna hopes that if she does well, and especially if she wins, she can begin to get close to her parents again.



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