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Rhett Zekrom is a tribute owned by Kenzen11. He is from District Seven. His district partner is Rosemary Milligan.


  • Skills:Tree Climbing, Smooth Talking, Axe Wielding, Hatchet Throwing, Strong
  • Weapons:Axe, Rope, Hatchet, Hand To Hand Combat
  • Strategy:Get a weapon, defend self on the way out of the cornucopia, make a camp far away and defend until the games are almost to a close, kill remainders.
  • Weaknesses:Bad Swimmer, Heavy Footed, Loud, Quick to Anger
  • Token:A Steel Apple
  • Volunteered or Reaped:Reaped
  • History:Rhett grew up in the worst area of District seven, though it was filled with rule breakers and hoodlums, he grew to respect authority and be mature. Though he is quick to anger he seems to be a nice guy. Before he was eleven he moved to a better part of his district for his dad, in a freak accident his dad was electrocuted and he was heart broken, he took over to make his family money, he has since become a much better woodsman and is strong and has great aim. His mother is a lonely woman, though is very caring. His sister is always sad and emotional, and his twin brother Rupert is a very kind man and cares for the family when Rhett is away.


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