Rick Patterson

Rick Patterson


District 12

District Partner: Velma Ready or Dallas Tinsle

Age: 15

Weapons: Knives, daggers, stealth.

Skills: Stealth, it is almost impossible to hear him, wielding daggers, throwing knives, extremly fast runnner, playing mind games with other tributes, being quiet, good at hidding and the best at stealing, knows the perfect amount to take so that no one will be suspious.

Startegy: grab only what is around his plate at the cornucopia, hide and try to locate another tribute(s) (not Careers) and steal from them. If spotted, fight them if they are weak, flee if they are strong or are in hig numbers.

Token: None, he is too poor.

Weaknesses: Can;t climb, not to friendly

Quote: None, he hardly ever talks.

History: Grew up in the seam with a only a Mom and a Sister. Had to steal to survive and to feed them, he has escaped many peacekeeper pursuits without them ever figuring out it was him. When he was reaped, he keept a calm attitude swore to come back. He hates the Capitol for making all the Dsitrits so poor.

Personality: Cunning, smart, sneaky, distrustful, quiet.

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