District 1 Male: Evan Matthews, age 18, score 8

District 1 Female: Sarina Matthews, age 17, score 8

District 2 Male: Scar Detroff, age 18, score 10

District 2 Female: Kierna Johannesen, age 15, score, 6

District 3 Male: Blitz Krieg , age 12, score 5

District 3 Female: Amelia Mazarocco, age 17, score 2

District 4 Male: Fitz Ripley, age 16, score 9

District 4 Female: Penelope Calypso, age 18, score 11

District 5 Male: Jazz Michelson, age 14, score 3

District 5 Female: Carrie Weiss, age 13, score 1

District 6 Male: Max Schneider, age 16, score 5

District 6 Female: Kaelyn Schneider, age 16, score 11

District 7 Male: Deryk Masterson, age 15, score 1

District 7 Female: Jess Carlton, age 18, score 5

District 8 Male: Redd Tylar, age 12, score 5

District 8 Female: Kelly Near, age 12, score 7

District 9 Male: Clayton Miltenberger, age 17, score 10

District 9 Female: Jessie Mcgillis, age 15, score 4

District 10 Male: Guy Elhert, age 18, score 8

District 10 Female: Allison Suits, age 12, score 4

District 11 Male: Lance Patin, age 14, score 9

District 11 Female: Luisa Campione, age 18, score 2

District 12 Male: Fernando Rodriguez, age 13, score 0

District 12 Female: Margarite Kenngott, age 17, score 2

PS: I'm gonna skip chariots and all that jazz. I don't have any muse for them xD

Day 1


24: Fernando Rodriguez, District 12, killed by Guy Elhert

23: Jazz Michelson, District 5, killed by Carrie Weiss

22: Carrie Weiss, District 5, killed by Kierna Johannesen

21: Guy Elhert, District 10, killed by Allison Suits

20: Amelia Mazarocco, District 3, killed by Scar Detroff

19: Scar Detroff, Killed by Lance Patin

18: Deryk Masterson, killed by Allison Suits


The tributes are raised up onto their plates, and they take a look around them. They are surrounded by tall, lush green cliffs, waterfalls, and jungle. There is a giant snowcapped mountain, sticking up out of the middle of the arctic forest to the left, tempting any tribute who dared try to cross its crevasses. A volcanic wasteland was bordering the upper right corner of the arena, and an ocean to the left. The tributes plates are in the middle of a clearing, with pathways to the various ecosystems surrounding them. The arena is alive with the sounds of animals. Amelia from 3 looks around troubledly, trying to find Blitz but can't see him. He must be behind the Cornucopia. she thinks. All there is is a clock on the Cornucopia that tells them when they are free to run. The clock reaches zero, and a strange sound emerges that Amelia assumes to be the gong. The chaos is on. Kierna from 2 reaches the golden horn first. She picks up a spear and a hand axe. Guy Elhert from 10 gets there at the same time as Fernando from 12. Guy slashes with the knife he just picked up, the blade sliding through the flesh of Fernando's throat like a hot knife through butter. Fernando falls, leaving a bloody streak on the Cornucopia.

Carrie Weiss from 5 grabs a spear and shakily thrusts it into Jazz's stomach. Her own District partner. She recieved two cuts on her left bicep and a gash on her forehead from his knife. Just as she frees it,Kierna Johannesen from 2 thrusts a rapier through her back, straight through her heart. "Too slow, bud." she says to Carrie, letting her body go limp and fall to the floor.

Allison covers her eyes, saddened by all the carnage and blood. 3 people are dead that she can see. She picks up a hand axe and thrusts downward, accidentally burying it in Guy's neck. he falls to his knees, freeing the axe. But, someone running kicks the axe out of her reach. She runs to grab it, only to be confronted by Sarina from 1. She swipes Sarina's arm with the axe and runs away, disappearing toward the mountain.

Scar Detroff of District 2 sees little Amelia from 3 run by. he throws his spear, and it lands in her temple. She keels to the side, dead. He frees the spear and laughs. He figures, however, It's time to let people know his dirty little secret. Walking up to Lance, he puts his hand around Lance's hip and begins to kiss him. Lance succumbs for a minute, then frees his knife. with a cry muffled by Scar's kiss, Lance jams it into Scar's stomach. Scar falls over. "Never again." Lance mutters to himself.

Allison is about to begin climbing the mountain with a pick she founde, when Deryk Masterson saunters up. "Allies?" he asks. Allison is filled with rage. "Never, you sleaze!" She jams the pick into his skull, frees it, and takes his pack.

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