Ryley Cayllyatt is a tribute owned by Clove1001 and her 1st signature tribute, also her favorite. Ryley's district partner is Pearson Woods, who she likes. She is {sort of} a victor...


Age: 12

District: 1

Date of Birth: 11/19

Personality: Nice, naturally friendly, always willing to do whatever she thinks is right, brave, selfless, honest, sensitive, outgoing, wily

Physically: strong but not masculine, agile, swift, tough, will never give up, fierce in battle

Strategy: She would rather choose her allies than team up with the Careers, get something close from the Cornocopia and run, find a source of water, make some arrowheads out of rocks, gather some herbs, look out for danger in a tree, don't make alliances too quickly

Skills: Bows/ arrows, arrowheads, making arrowheads, trademark arrowhead spears/ arrows, knives, throwing knives, great with daggers, knot tying, climbing, singing, extremely good hearing, sprinting short distance, navigating an area, hand to hand combat (sharp nails), decent swimmer, can sort of sense when something bad is about to happen, quick-thinking, clever

Weakness: Gets too attached to people she likes, gets very short-lasting yet major headaches, not good at camouflage, cannot handle a sword properly, small

Token: silver hairclip with crystal in the center (picture 1)

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