Sakira Burns-Hooper

Sakira 'Sakira Hooper' Burns

Sakira 'Sakira Hooper' Burns, aka: Sakira Hooper is a tribute, owned by Renee7. Her token is a picture of her family with her 2 dogs, 3 cats, her 1 goat and her boyfriend Trevor Halden. She is from District 10. Her sister was bullying her resulting in her chaning her name to Sakira Hooper as people sometimes call her Hoops because she is pro at basketball.

Skills, Weaknesses, Stratergy and History

Skills: She can climb really well, she has a motive to win for Trevor and her family

Weaknesses: She loves all animals including mutts, she is a heavy sleeper

Stratergy: She kills, kills, kills and makes sure to stay away from mutts


She is in Renee7's First annual Hunger Games 119 out of 150

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