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Sally Vallas is one of Katnisspeetarue's tributes. In the World Games, she was the female from Antigua and Barbuda.

The World Games

Sally got in one kill at the bloodbath by accidentally killing Laura Nokadi by hitting her temple with a knife aimed for Walter Tamaka and Katie Nalta. She joins the Caribbean alliance rather reluctantly on Day 2 and is not heard again until she knifes Stephanie Malancia in the back on Day 6. She did nothing at the feast. She follows the alliance as Veron joins. She doesn't approve of Shannon Rosa joining, but is overruled by everyone else. She looks on as Shannon betrays the alliance and kills Katie, earning Shannon death. When she sees Sam, she fires at him until Veron kills him. She, along with Gerevasio and Veron, celebrates her alliance's victory. She opposed these games.

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