Samson potts

Samson Potts was a tribute made by Jsm13athome and the District 4 male of GrayNinja73's 27th Hunger Games.

27th Hunger Games

Samson volunteered for the Games. He and his District partner, Alanis, were very close and even shared a token, each one wore an orb with District 4 sea water in it, hers gold, his silver. He received a 9 in training. Samson made no kills in the entire Games and died on Day 3, placing 17th, dying after a mountain lion killed him, and Eva Stone from District 2.


Name: Samson Potts

Age: 18

District: 4

Gender: Male

Weapons: Knife, Trident

Strengths: Swimming, Speed

Weaknesses: Hunting, Tree Climbing

Personality: Charming, Dangerous, Sarcastic

Backstory: Samson lives with his girlfriend in District 4. She is currently pregnant with their child. Samson volunteered for the Games because he wants to go in and fight, and to get his girlfriend and child a better life.

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