D7 Sawyer Thomas

Sawyer Thomas is a tribute created by Beetee19. He lives in District Seven, and his district partner is Eva Woods or Camellia Winchester.


Age: 18

District: 7

Weapon: Axe

Strengths: Sawyer is good with an axe and is fairly fast. His experience in the woods while living in Seven will likely help during the games.

Weaknesses: Sawyer is incredibly unselfish. He realizes this but doesn't see it as a liability. He isn't all that stealthy.

Personality: Typically, Sawyer is calm and a little shy. However, during a battle or whatnot, he becomes fiercely protective of those he cares about.

Strategy: Find his district partner and hide. Kill hopefully only to protect, and be willing to sacrifice himself at the end if it can send his district partner home.

Token: Glasses

History: Sawyer, living in District Seven, works in the woods. He comes from a very poor family, and is pretty much the least selfish person in Panem. He is a decent student with a bright future, but he seems content with what he has. Much of his free time is spent helping his grandparents with everyday stuff, and he thoroughly enjoys it. He volunteered for his one best friend.


Madrigalmagic's 72nd Hunger Games: 21st/24 -Stabbed by Miller Reese during bloodbath.

Careers3's 1st Hunger Games: 15th/24- Escaped bloodbath with little supplies and was soon stabbed by Sparkle Zidaze.

OrangeGreenConverse's 4th Quarter Quell (Phineas and Ferb): 22nd/22- Killed by tiger mutt (which was later tamed by Eva Woods.)

Kwanito's 2nd Hunger Games: 14th/52- Stays under the radar and survives a few days. Killed during a feast in Jason Greene's rampage (Jason killed five tributes before being stabbed by Azalea Firethorn.)

AxedFox's Examination Games: 5th/24- Allied with district partner Fragile Lemongrass. They found a sort of save haven in an island part of the arena. They survived an attack by the Careers. Sawyer was killed in the final battle by Artemis Kane, while Fragile went on to win along with Artemis and Bliss Creme.

CoolCato's Ending Games (Part One):


  • Sawyer was the first tribute created by Beetee19.
  • His original name was Adam Green.
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