Scarlet Kane Hunger Games

Scarlet R. Kane

Name: Scarlet Ruby Kane

Age: 12-year-old (At the time of MW2 RPD ACOG's Games)

Story of Games: She developed a brother-sister relationship with Rift Warfield during training. During the Games, she stayed near Rift all the time, feeling like he could protect her no matter what (Which he did). During the tracker jacker rainstorm and flood, she whispered "I'm scared, Rift" while in the Dumpster that their group (Rift Warfield, Ariella Moon, Kang Kao, Rachel, Leonidas, and Leonardo Ralston) was using as shelter. After Leonardo's supposed death on Day 8, the group raided some luxury houses up north that were guarded by Peacekeepers who would kill any tributes they saw. Towards the end of the Games, she tossed a bottle of poison she had into the woods, knowing she wouldn't use it.

At the final battle, Ariella was slashed across the chest, and Rift dove towards the assailant, killing the girl who attacked Ariella. He then fought with Sionis, the last remaining hostile tribute, and got his left arm cut off in the process. Rift stuck his sword through Sionis so it came out his back while his arm smashed to the ground, and Scarlet stabbed his back, killing him.

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