Name: Senn Storn

Age: 14

District: 4

Gender: Male

Weapons: Trident, double knives

Strengths: He is very strong and agile for his age, and has an incredible WikiWord links to reason, always knowing and calculating steps of the adversary

Weaknesses: He is emotional, and could hesitating at the time of killing an ally.

Fears: Fear of getting burned.

Token: A necklace of emerald green given by his grandfather.

Allies: Same with District 4 and in theory be a careers do not like them and do not mix, he prefers to help from their district or someone of another enjoyable.

History: Senn was created by his grandfather because his parents died when he was very young, so since his grandfather was a fisherman and lived almost always at sea, learned all about the water and how to survive in bad situations, and learned to never give up and never surrender for nothing, Senn was eventually drawn to the games and did not hesitate and accepted the challenge.

Personality: A quiet boy, very smart and sensitive, and that is almost never in a bad mood and when he can come out with some sarcastic joke.

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