Biography (This character is no longer in use!)


Sensation Powers

Sensation (Reaping age: 17) was born to a rich family residing in a inner circle of the wealthest families in District 1. His family consists of his dad (John), mom (Carey) and his little brother (Awe). Sensation was one of the many kids who fell in love with Minea Creama (his district partner) and had his heart broken, but still hopes to snag her in the arena. In training Sensation learned skills like, sword play, spears, bow and arrows and how to wield a dagger. He also learned swimming, climbing strength and hand to hand. He struggled with fires and tieing knots though. In the arena he plans to team up with the Careers, hunt other tributes and win Minea's heart. His personality is cocky, head strong and smart.


Subgame "Lets Go Midas Style!" an all District 1 games in Anon....'s 3rd Hunger Games:

Placement: 1st out of 28 Training score: 9 STORY: Sensation decidied to ally with Minea instead of the Careers, he set up snares around their camp, which quickly trapped many tributes, whom he quickly killed. Later he extended his alliance to include Lily Sunshine, who later secretly murdered Minea while Sensation was asleep. In the final battle Sensation fought with Viper Bloodworth claiming,"I'm a sensation!", before killing Viper and becoming the male victor!

Brony12's District 1 Hunger Games!

Placement: ? out of 24 Training score: 9

Kenzen11's 15th Hunger Games

Placment: ? out of 24 Training score: ?


Age: 17

Skills: Weapons in general, his speed and strength, hand-to-hand, swimming and climbing.

Startagy: CAREER! Try and eliminate other threats (Not Careers though), try and make Minea fall in love with him, protect her, but in the end, he would NEVER sacrifice his own skin to save ANYONE, not even her. He would never even RISK his skin in a fight.

Weaknesses: Starting fies, tieing knots, in love with Minea.

Token: None

Quote: "Let's get this started!"

Personality: smart, mean, cocky, head strong, but a little cowardly.

His District partner was Minea Creama before he became victor.

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