Shadow Dusk is a tricute owned by Clove1001. His District Partner is Amazon Glacious.


Shadow Dusk-1


Shadow Dusk

Age: 14

Appearance: Tall, tan skin, blonde hair, brown eyes, heavily built

Skills: Swords, spears, running, hand to hand combat, knives, daggers, flexibility, agility

Weakness: Tracking, remainng calm Strategy: Team up with the Careers, kill everyone

Personality: Cruel, strong, defensive, merciless, relentless, brave

History: He grew up in District 2 and was reaped for the Games. He is very strong and very agressive. Intimidating and a main antagonist in all Games, Shadow Dusk has trained his whole life and it has become an instinct to kill. He lives with his father and younger brother, Nyte (12) and sister Seline (7). He is related to 2 people from District 2 that have been in the Games: Cato and Enobaria.

Token: Black gloves

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