Shay Flax
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Shay Flax is Necterine411's tribute. Her District partner is Thread Form. She is one of Necterine411's signature tributes.


Skills: good with knives, fast

Weaknesses: Narrow minded, bad at any other weapons

Personality: vengeful, focused

History: As a child she watched her family be murdered by peacekeepers because they had been falsely accused of rebellious activities. She was spared when a worried neighbor incorrectly said the family had four members instead of five. The same neighbor has raised her her whole life. She went back to collect her family's belongings, only to find that Thread had taken already, even her family's most cherished item; a silver bangle. She trained herself in the art of throwing knives in hope of one day killing Thread for his disrespect towards her family. Though she planned to do so at the reaping, when Thread's name was called she was upset, until her name was also called.

Strategy: Kill Thead. She hasn't thought about anything else.

Token: None

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