Shinju Kagayaki is a tribute made by HeavyRotation that lives in District 1.

Her district partner is Cadence Rivet .


Shinju has orange fluffy hair that extends down to her neck. She also has blue eyes accompianed with glasses and freckles on her cheeks,
and has light skin. She also usually wears a white dress that extends to her knees, and usually seen with her high heeled boots. Shinju is 15 years old.

Weapons, Skills, and Weaknesses


She prefers the crossbow, since she's very skilled at it. However, she can also make use of normal bows.


She is very skilled at the crossbow, and also athlethic. She is part of the local school's track team. Also, she has a talent for seducing boys into doing things for her. She also has good accuracy of looking at things far away, due to her being far sighted.


I listed that already. She's far sighted. They don't allow people to bring glass into the arena. She wears EYE-GLASSES. Far-sighted. Do you get the point?



She's an average school girl, gets average grades, and she hangs out with average friends. You can say she's just a normal girl who's part of the Going Home Club.


Shinju Kagayaki was born in Okinawa, Japan. Her father is part of a major manufacturer called Juero Watashi. When she was 8, her parents went to District 1 to check on the factories that produced the jewels. However, when they tried to leave, the Peacekeepers prevented them from leaving District 1. Shinju has been learning English and going to school ever since. Her parents are afraid that she will be reaped.


Find a bow and arrows during the bloodbath and a crossbow if you can. Ally with the Careers and stay out of the trouble radar. If she survives for the feast, she will disappear out of nowhere and start killing people until she wins.


"I'm not doing anything."


A charm bracelet (if she could her glasses).

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