Foal 1
Sienna Frost is a female tribute that resides in District 10 owned by HeavyRotation.

Her district partner is Blythe Honours.


Age: 14

Gender: Girl

Weapon: A vial of poison that looks like water that's in her token. Also not bad in throwing knives.

Skills: Very sly, sneaky, likes to snoop around a lot. She's also gifted with plants.

Weaknesses: If she's hungry, she will eat anything, even if she knows it's poisonous. She also has the weirdest eating habits on earth.

Personality: Shy, usually not a go getter, she's also anti-social.

History: No one knows where Sienna came from or where she lived. All they know is that she lives near the creepy statue of a hawk, in the overgrown plant house. Rumour has it that she has the power to control ghosts (which is as you know, NOT TRUE) and a girl died when she went near there. Peacekeepers dare not go there, because legend has it that anyone who goes there will die. Turns out, her parents abandoned her there when running away to District 13. Sienna had a brother called Cadence, but she doesn't know that. While the parents died, Sienna munched on grass and dirt and lived off of it. There was a wellspring near Sienna's settlement, and she got water from there.

Strategy: Don't risk the cornucopia. Just run and live on dirt and grass.

Quote. "........"

Token: The necklace that was last held by her mother.

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