Silk Vendetta
District One - Silk Vendetta
District One Career Tribute







Choice Weapon

Hatchet/Bow and Arrows

Best Ranking

Average Training Score

Silk Vendetta is a tribute owned by Kenzen11. She is from District One. Her district partner is Draco Petra.


  • Skills:Climbing, Swimming, Smart, Strategy, Hatchet Throwing, Knife Throwing, Marksman
  • Weapons:Hatchet, Knife, Bow
  • Strategy:Team up with one other career, make it till the end and then slay her ally
  • Weaknesses:Weak, Slow Runner, Selfish, Not Super Confident, Not Trusting
  • Token:A Coin
  • Volunteered or Reaped:Reaped
  • History: Silk grew up in a very lowly part of district one, while they were still rich, they were less rich than most of the others in there district. She grew up as the unpopular kid and she hated it, always a the pranked and laughed upon. She is very brave and has trained herself into a career all by herself. She is part of a big family having eight sisters and four brothers, her mother and father are very supportive of them all.


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