Silver Wolfmist

Silver Wolfmist


No one knows who Silver's family is, he was kidnapped at 5 minutes old. Taken to a Capitol lab, scientist preformed dangerous expiriments on him. In the end, he was half wolf, half man. They sent him back to Distrct Zero where he was on outcast, not only was he an orphan, but, what they called, a freak. Adults threw rotten vegetables at him, kids picked on him vicously. One day, there was a murder, two young boys' necks were ripped out. Silver was coinvicted even though he didn't do it. He went to jail for two years untill he was let out for his 18 year old reapings.


Distrct: Zero Age: 18

Personality: Shy, kind and quiet.

Skills: silent, fast and great at hunting like a wolf. Can use a knife.

Startagy: Go it alone unless someone very nice offers to ally, hunt, hide from Careers and other tributes.

Quote: "I may be freak, but I'm still human!"

Weaknesses: hates being made fun of.

Token: A small wooden claw he made the night of the two kid's murders.

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