Spike Owens
District 5
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Brown
Choice Weapon Pitchfork
Family Parents
Number of Games 5
Best Ranking 5th (Firecatcher's 68th Games)
Typical Score 9

Spike Owens is a tribute owned by Jabberjay78. He resides in District 5. His district partner is Twinkle Night, who he bullied endlessly in school.


Skills: Bossing people around, Pitchforks, Knives, Fire

Weaknesses: Easily tricked, Can't survive on his own, Arrogant, Mean

Strategy: Kidnap the female tributes (calls them pretties) for no concievable reason.

Personality: Arrogant, Mean, Slightly crazy UNBELIEVABLY PYSCHO!!!

History: Brought up by snobby parents as the precious only child. A bully at his school (though his parents don't believe this) who controls dumber kids to harm others for him. He thinks that winning the games will be a piece of cake. He endlessly bullied his district partner, Twinkle, in school and she despises him because of this.


Firecatcher's 68th Games: 5th out of 24

Wolverine's First Annual Hunger Games: 6th out of 24

Tommboy97's First Games: 8th out of 24

Went insane and began kidnapping female tributes for no reason. He captured Star Sun, Twinkle Night, and Chiffon Leak and tied them up. By day four, they escaped and found refuge in a citadel. Spike followed them and pushed Chiffon out of the building and to her death, and then accidently caused the building to collapse by pushing a button. Just as he did this, Twinkle shot an arrow into his heart, killing him. Moments later his killer, Twinkle, died when she fell from the building and onto the forcefield.

Training Score: 9

Nate777's 151st Games: 12th out of 30

Angrybirds12's Prequel Games: 17th out of 30

Kidnaps Mystic Moonlight and Varina Tapora and keeps them tied up in a cave. After Varina attempts to escape, Spike kills her abruptly. Later on in Day 2, Silver Sunlight finds Spike and Mystic. Silver engages in a battle with Spike, eventually smashing his head in with an axe, killing him.


  • "PRETTIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Tommyboy's 1st Games)

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