Steven huddleston

Steven Huddleston was a tribute made by Jsm13athome and victor of Lawman12345's 91st Hunger Games.

91st Hunger Games

Steven managed to survive the bloodbath. His District partner was the first one to die. Later, Electra Volts from District 3 gave him an ankle injury but he managed to find some medicine, and he could walk again. He tried to keep a very low profile. When he saw Electra go into some caverns, he followed, hoping to kill her. The Careers did, at the time, only the tributes from 2, Thalia Combe and Harley Dane. Dani Valtras from 9 also came in, just to be killed by Steven, causing her to place fifth. After an encounter with the Careers, Electra was killed. Though he wanted to kill her, he was still okay. When it came down to the final two, Steven fought Thalia. He managed to kill her with an axe and win the Games.


Name: Steven Huddleton

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 7

Weapons: Sword, Axe

Strengths: Tree Climbing

Weaknesses: Swimming

Placing: 1st (Victor)

Kills: 2 (Dani Valtras (9) and Thalia Combe (2))

Games: 91st

Author: Lawman12435

Total Tributes: 24

Allies: None

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