Storm Spears 

Age: 16

Appearance: brown hair, grey eyes, deep tan

Skills: pretty much any weapon, hand to hand combat, tying knots, acceptable swimmer

Weakness: Not very great at camoflage, not the ally type, can't climb

Strategy: Find something at the cornucopia and run, find water and probably team up with Careers, or just work alone

Personality: Strong, helpful, clever, adventurous

History: Storm lives with his mother and his little brother, Peak (15). His mother is always working in District 12, so he is often alone. The only person he really cares for is his brother, who he volunteered for, and his best friend, Harte Mellark. He loves Harte and doesn't want to kill her, but will do whatever he can to win the games.

Token: his black silk headscarf

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