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Stronton Melich
Stronton Melich






5' 11"

Weapon of choice



Tribute (JER's Tournament)


Northwest Territories (Canada)


Mother: Analya; Father: Rian


yet to be determined


Personality: Cautious, yet able to take action; mindful; vengeful; relentless

Appearance: Black hair, gray eyes, light-skinned.

Skills: Able to throw spears, counterattacks very well, knows a few snares, and if unarmed, uses almost anything he can find as a weapon.

Weaknesses: Refuses to ally (although he would want to make trade pacts with people he can trust).

Clothing: Often wearing a gray shirt and dark blue jeans with a belt made of ivory; boots with gel soles; sometimes fingerless gloves

Story: Originally from the Northwest Territories, he and some others are chosen for a "Hunger Games" Tournament in present-day North America. He is recognized with despising Dural Celan and Resen Havar after costing him a victory in a 700-mile skiing race.

Strategy: Race across the diameter of the circle of Tributes at the beginning of the Games, collecting items along the way. Settle a mile away, under some bushes. Kill any animal (or Tribute) that comes 25 feet near. Move to a different place every two days. Perfect the ultimate slashing weapon for the final showdown.

Token: Nothing, if you don't count his gloves, or his ivory belt.

Quote: "Make your stand, take a breath, claim a life, and keep on moving."

Hunger Games Participant

He has participated in these Hunger Games:

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