Suko Yoshida
District Two - Suko Yoshida
District Two Career Tribute







Choice Weapon

Throwing Knives

Best Ranking

Average Training Score

Suko Yoshida is a tribute owned by Kenzen11. She is from District Two. Her district partner is Chisel Jaws.


  • Skills:Smart, Agile, Fast Climber, Good Swimmer, Marksman, Stealthy, Good Looks
  • Weapons:Throwing Knives, Her Mind, Silence, Most any other weapon
  • Strategy:Careers, Leave in the middle of the night before the careers start to kill each other, Keep Moving
  • Weaknesses:Fears Death, Weak, Hates Fire
  • Token: A Red Ribbon
  • Volunteered or Reaped:Volunteered
  • History: Suko is of Asian descent, she hates the capitol and the ruthless government. She was raised in a popular crowd just for being Asian, because of this she got some special career training. She has spent many nights studying different environments, strategies and skills survival. She has a perfect plan to win, when a young twelve year old, who wasn't prepared whatsoever was reaped she volunteered. Her father is very strict and commanding. Her mother is a very following wife and could care less about Suko training but is very panicked about her in the games.


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