D4 Surf Sup

Surf Sup is a tribute created by Beetee19 . He lives in District Four, and his district partner is Cerulean Sparkle or Marissa Clearwater.


Age: 17

District: 4

Weapon: Trained with many at Career Academy. Prefers a sword.

Strengths: Surf is good with a sword and has both size and strength on his side. He is brave and has a certain intimidation factor that he will use to his advantage.

Weaknesses: Being reminded he's not actually the world's most famous pirate like he thinks he is. He is also a little arrogant, and while he is a good swimmer, he's below average for District 4.

Personality: Thinks he's a pirate. Other than that, quiet, mysterious and occasionally annoying. He will kill you if you bring up Justin Bieber. (Then again, so would most tributes.)

Strategy: Join the Career alliance. Loot foreign alliances, stealing all their gold doubloons and killing people. Win, win, win.

Token: He brought all his pirate booty but chose the eyepatch to take into the arena.

History: Most of District 4 has always seen Surf as peculiar. On his first day of kindergarten, Surf noticed his teacher had a necklace on and tried to steal it from her. At the age of 13, Surf built a pirate ship with his friend 'Captain' Sparrow Jackson. They sailed off looking for the treasure of legendary pirate Barrett Cuda, lost long ago. The next month, Surf returned with a golden necklace, but Sparrow and the boat were never seen again. Surf owns two pet parrots: Jolly Roger and Angry Clyde.


Thena.airice14's 34th Hunger Games: 18th/24- Shot during bloodbath by Linnea Smith.'s 700th Hunger Games: 10th/24- Joined Careers. Killed in attack by D10 pair.

HR's Mega Epic Games:

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