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Talon Worldly is a tribute owned by Kenzen11. He is from The Capitol. His district partner is Luna Lovegood.


  • Skills:Kifes, Knot Tying, Charm, Strong, Smart, Brave, Swords
  • Weapons:Swords, Rope, Knifes
  • Strategy: Kill to win, not for fun or to please the capitol, Maybe join and kill careers, like in a murder death charge just slice their heads off while they sleep or something. Just aim to win to get home.
  • Weaknesses: Hates the capitol with a passion, has some depression buried down inside, Bad at crack decission making
  • Token:Dogtags with his dead uncles name on them
  • Volunteered or Reaped:Reaped
  • History:Talon grew up in a small home on Avenue 43, he lived a nice life dated pretty capitol girls, got an easy pass at life, however when Talon was fourteen his uncle became a peacekeeper, however he went rouge after trying to protect some poor District Eleven girls rape, he was shot and killed by a fellow peackeeper, he did however save the day. He was transported back in a wooden box labeled 'REBEL', Talon was devistated as his uncle had played a huge part in his life. He went on to despise the capitol people, he is dating a girl with simmilar hate and he had planned to propose, and to escape to the fabeled District Zero/Thirteen, before being reaped. His mother is a selfish hypocrit who cares only about herself. His father is a senator and is never home in the firstplace. He is a single child.


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