Personal Facts

Tami Rowan is a tribute made by Akuhano. She lives in District 7, and is unprepared for the torture of the Hunger Games.

Tami Rowan

Age: 14

District: 7

History: Tami is a popular person, always hanging out with her friends. She doesn't really work in the district, because her family is rich. She never had to take tessarae, so she was exremely suprised that she was reaped. Her parents were devastated, and so was her little brother, Ash, who also ended up getting reaped.

Skills: Tami knows how to use an axe, but can't use it that well. She can climb, because she practiced climbing with her friends when she was younger.

Weaknesses: She hates killing people. She hates the smell of blood. She also cannot swim.

Token: Her mother's wedding ring.

Personality: Tami is outgoing, always in the popular crowd.

Strategy: She will ally up with her brother, and stick with him. If it ends up being them as the last two, she will want her little brother to go back home, because she loves him very much.

Appearance: Tami is pretty tall at 5'8, and has short, blonde hair. She has blue eyes, and is fairly skinny, and very beautiful.

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