tributes and victors

This is a role playing wikia. If you want to join please commet with

Your tributes name

The age

Your district(only 1 female and male per district)

Tranning score( dont lie and put 12)

Wepons of choice

Other things about your tribute

I might not put you in as soon as you commet so you might have to wait a day or 2. If you think you think sponsers will be good for you please tell me. Commet on what area we should have:

  1. A few miles each way of rubble
  2. A large city that was desserted.
  3. A jungle with no water
  4. A sea with no land

A medow with non edible fowers

Thanks and commet soon!!!!

TeamGaleHawthorne 18:35, April 1, 2012 (UTC)District 7 girl

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