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Let the 80th Hunger Games Begin!

Mineman5031 (talk) 17:36, June 27, 2013 (UTC) 

Last time I was on                                   

Death Chart

Name Kills Killed By District
Calvin Battlehorn 1 Raven Banks 1
Sappire Gold 0 Suicide 1
Qwake Menza 1 WINNER!!! 2
Lisa Ronan 0 Raven Banks 2
John Burnout 0 Jason Johnson 3
Luna Gona 0 Lizard Mutts 3
Gale Ronestone 1 Raven Banks 4
Gertrude Proudmoor 0 Raven Banks 4
Bone Rokill 1 Tamora Summers 5
Mari Wesspark 1 Pete Stoneblock 5
Pete Stoneblock 1 Mari Wesspark 6
Tamora Summers 1 Crushed by wall 6
Not Named 0 Explosion 7
Tessa Homers 0 Lizard Mutts 7
Brian Anglim none Calvin Battlehorn 8
Julie Everfire 0 Lizard Mutts 8
Alex Ranbo 0 Jason Johnson 9
Not Named 0 Explosion 9
Jason Johnson 2 Quake Menza 10
Karmin Johnson 0 Raven Banks 10
Jake Lawrence 0 Squirrel Mutts 11
Raven Banks 5 Jason Johnson 11

Lloyd Rancor

Melissa Rines

0  0

Gale Ronestone (Melissa) Bone Rokill (Lloyd)



Day 1/Bloodbath

Right before it starts, the no names run off and get killed.BOOM!BOOM! It starts out with Brian running to a knife pack. But right before he gets there he is shot down by a Career.BOOM! Then Raven Banks grabs a spear and kills him.BOOM! Lloyd took a big pack and ran into the forest. Melissa does the same but is shot down by a different Career.BOOM! Jake gets away, but is killed by Squirrel Mutts.BOOM! Then Karmin gets speared by Raven. BOOM!

Where they are:

Careers: Cornacoupia

Lloyd: Forest

Raven: Allied with the Careers

Jason: Wheat Fields

Alex: Wheat Fields

Julie: Forest


Tamora:Wheat Fields

Luna: Forest

Mari Pete Allied: Wheat Fields

Bone: Forest

Night 1

Raven wakes up in the middle of the night with a plan. She takes a knife and slits all of the Careers's throats but Sappire's and Qwake's. BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! When they ask why she says because they have good hearts. Then Mari and Pete commit suicide.BOOM!BOOM!Then Claudius Templesmith says, if you and your allies are the last ones standing all of you win!

Where they are:

Raven Sappire Qwake Allied: Forest

Bone Lloyd Allied: Forest

Luna Julie Tessa: Forest

Jason Alex Allied: Wheat Fields

Day 2

Alex and Jason have a fight and Jason beheads himBOOM!. The Claudus says, "Now only one boy and one girl can win!" After hearing that, Sappire runs to the lake and drowns herself.BOOM!Then, Bone slits Lloyd's throat.BOOM! Finally, Luna, Julie and Tessa get killed by Lizard Mutts.BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! John is kicked off a cliff by Jason saying, "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" BOOM!

Where they are:



Tamora: Desert

Quake Raven Allied:Cornucopia

Night 2

Tamora, injured by Cactus Mutts, finds Bone's camp and slits his throat with his own knife. BOOM! The rest of the night is peaceful.

Tamora:Edge of clearing


Quake Raven Allied: Cornucopia

Day 3

Tamora walks out to the woods. Suddenly, a FREAKING HUGE WALL appears and crushes her body. BOOM!

After that Jason beheads Raven with his axe.BOOM!Then the wall closes in and forms an unescapable circle around the clearing where the cornucopia is.



Night 3

Quake, enraged, charges at Jason and tries to behead him, but misses. Then finally, Qwake gets a lucky stab and cuts Jason's head off. Winning the games.



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