Hundreds of years after Katniss' failed rebellion against the Capitol, Panem has reached the stars, and aims to rope the entire Solar System into a new version of the Hunger Games. Intelligent inhabitants of planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, the dwarf planets Pluto and Eris and the moons Titan and Europa are required to send in five tributes each (four young and one mentor) under the threat of impending war by the hostile citizens of Panem (except for the Martians, they jumped at the chance to send their children to "war.") The mentors are required to be of the standard young adult age of the planet they inhabit.

General Information

  • Mars and Earth are the Career planets.
  • Each user may now submit more than five tributes.
  • If a day goes by without any submissions, I will add a planet's tributes myself.


Planet/Dwarf Planet/Moon Male Female Male Female Mentor
Mercury Lightning Tree (9) Krystal Glass (8) Fall Sky (11) Holly Honey (11) Rush Leafs (9)
Venus Clear Glass (9) Alisonn Jewlbright (10) Pretty Boy (8) Studded Gem (7) Elana Maycell (8)
Earth Talon Wordly (11) Luna Lovegood (7) Ron Williams (8) Suko Yoshida (11) Lion Coy (10)
Mars Bradley Ward (9) Nyeneth Sane (7) Lukel Darker (11) Sophie Sheard (9) Ilon Chesron (12)
Jupiter Cream Donahew (10) Bliss Diamond (10) Nathan Powers (11) Sparkle Green (9) Ash Brown (9)
Saturn Kahill Riddles (9) Olivia Reynolds (11) Kage Hunks (10) Laura Hamilton (7) Christopher Lee (7)
Uranus Gluteus Maximus (RS) (1) Ima Backside (RS) (2) Pat Tookus (RS) (0) Alma Butt (RS) (1) Elle Posterior (RS) (0)
Neptune Pearson Woods (11) Ryley Cayllyat (11) Super Clean (RS) (2) Justine Green (RS) (3) Mopey Popey (RS) (2)
Pluto Hanta Manta (RS) (3) Mordred Kye (RS) (1) Mort Deed (RS) (2) Tyke Pike (2) Ulia Mylia (RS) (0)
Eris Chase Mace (RS) (2) Erika Sherika (RS) (0) Henry Piley (1) Aretha Franklin (RS) (2) Benjamin Franklin (RS) (2)
Titan Fecal Matter (RS) (1) Animal Excretion (RS) (0) Mans Feces (RS) (2) Poop Face (RS) (1) Mentor Pooh (RS) (1)
Europa Kyler Harte (9) Glitter Sparkle (10) Tyler Harte (10) Yazmin Lily (7) Tiger Wolfe (11)

dead- italicized

The Arena

The first Galactic Hunger Games will be held in a large space station suspended in the asteroid belt. The Space Station is very large and complex; imagine about ten commercial cruise liners randomly smashed into each other. Scattered throughout the Station are mystery rooms. The rooms could contain items to help you along, or they could contain deadly forces. The tributes are given a babelfish (see Mutts) for communication and headgear that converts the air into that which their species breathes.

The mutts in the Station are as follows:

  • Alien: A hunched, bipedal predatory creature that (when grown) is roughly the size of the average human. They will inject their eggs into the tributes' mouths and after 1-24 hours, the young will burst its way out of the victems chest (taken from the movie Alien)
  • Dalek: A mostly robotic creature that will EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!! Your tribute as soon as it lays its robotic eyestalk on him.
  • Drugged up humans: They are so confused; they will most likely lash out and kill anyone who nears them. Also, as the Capitol's special treat, they are operated on to be of super-human strength.
  • Babelfish: These are good mutts, if there is such a thing. They climb in your ear and translate other languages for you, the only thing they need is the resulting brain energy. Doesn't affect tributes at all, other than letting them instantaneously understand what the other tributes are saying.

The Games

Day 1-The Bloodbath


60th - Gluteus Maximus (blew himself up)

59th - Ima Backside (blown up by Gluteus)

58th - Pat Tookus (blown up by Gluteus)

57th - Alma Butt (blown up by Gluteus)

56th - Elle Posterier (blew herself up)

55th - Animal Excretion (kicked in the chest by Fall Sky)

54th - Henry Piley (killed by Nyeneth Sane)

53rd - Lightning Tree (killed by Suko Yoshida)

52nd- Krystal Glass (killed by Suko Yoshida)

Ash Brown's POV

I am seperated from the others from Jupiter after we dock at the Space Station. Of course, as soon as I leave the bright flourescent lights of the spaceship, I am plunged into such total darkness that I wouldn't be able to see my hand if it were a foot from my face. Earthling attendents (who must've had some sort of night-vision goggles) guide me through the winding hallways. There's no chance of an advantage in these Games.

Tiger Wolfe's POV

The Avox assistents place me on some sort of elevating platform. One second they are there, smoothing out the creases in my atmospheric suit, the next, they're gone, and I'm ascending.

The artcifial sun in the biodome (it has to be a biodome, there's no other way they could replicate Earth's, Mars', Jupiter's, and Pluto's ecosystems in one Space Station) blinds me for several seconds. My eyes adjust quicker than the others, however, I see some of the other tributes squinting. One from Uranus stumbles off of his plate and he explodes. I jump but somehow stay on my small platform. Others aren't so lucky, the rest from Uranus blow up; most from their own blunders. Five cracks from the sonic cannon follow in quick succesion. Five down, fifty-three to go.

The announcer's voice rings out, amplified and distorted by space, "Your sixty seconds are up. Let the Games begin!"

Krystal Glass' POV

As soon as the gong sounds, we are off. Some of the others skamper off into the Earth forest or Martian desert, but I'm not one to hide from a fight. I run to the Cornicopia at the intersection of the different ecosystems and see Fall Sky kicking a tribute from Titan in the chest. Her heart must've given out, because her cannon shot cracked soon after.

I pick up a dagger lying on the ground-- its previous owner had just gotten killed by one of the Martians (Nyeneth Sane, I think,) and I join Lightning in combat with an Earth girl, Suko Yoshida. She draws a pair of shurikens from a silver pack behind her and flashes them at us.

"You'd better run," she advises with a hint of a smirk, "that's the only way you could possibly survive." Lightning takes her warning; he grabs my wrist and dashes away. Just as he turns, however, he stops. I notice his mouth form a small 'o.'

"Lightning, what's wrong? Lightning?!" I screech as he crumples to the ground. The once-shiny steel of Suko's shuriken was now embedded in my partner's skull and stained with his blood. I stifle a sob and kneel down. I can't believe this could happen, I can't believe he could just be taken away from me. A tiny pair of pale gray boots cross my vision, and with tears in my eyes, I raise my face to look at their owner. Suko Yoshida was now giggling. Swelling with rage, I stand up and glare at her, taking out my daggers. She suppreses her laughter just long enough for her to say, "Guess your boyfriend wasn't quick enough. Oh well. There's an old adage where I'm from: All's fair in love and war." And with that, she throws her other shuriken straight into my heart. The last thing I see before the dark closes in is her, wiping at tears of laughter streaming down her sickly contorted face, cackling to herself, "Oh, Suko, you crack me up. No, you're cracking up now. Teehee!"

Night 1


51st - Hanta Manta (killed by Careers)

50th - Mordred Kye (killed by Careers)

49th - Mort Deed (killed by Careers)

48th - Tyke Pike (killed by Careers)

47th - Ulia Mylia (killed by Careers)

46th - Ash Brown (killed by Lukel Darker)

45th - Sparkle Green (killed by Lukel Darker)

44th - Bliss Diamond (knifed by Lukel Darker)

43rd - Nathan Powers (stabs himself)

Glitter Sparkle's POV

Night has fallen, and with it, all the tributes from Pluto. We (being the Career alliance comprised of Earthlings, Martians, and me) crept up on them as soon as the artificial light began to dim. It was too easy to kill them, they were cowardly-- hiding out in the Earth ecosystem-- all we had to do was slash their suits, and the high oxygen/nitrogen concentration suffocated them immediately.

I think I'd better give those at home a show, so I convince Talon Wordly, Suko Yoshida, and Lukel Darker to come with me and wreak some havoc.

Lukel Darker's POV

It was hard finding prey to hunt, so to speak. All the snivelling cowards had dispersed after the bloodbath, leaving us to play a nasty game of 'Hide and Seek.' Our alliance searched all through the Earth ecosystem (ugh), the Martian one (seen enough of that at home), and Pluto's (how the heck did inhabitants from the rock even evolve?) before we found a trembling group of Jupiter girls, the mentor, and their disabled friend in the Jupiter section (that was the worst, all gaseous and whatnot.)

I was itching for a fight, so I ran towards them without hesitation and beckoned the male. He's cautious, so I stick my tongue out. Juvenile, but effective. He charges at me, despite the girls' desperate shaking heads.

"Nathan!" The more tan one shouts.

"He can't hear you, Sparkle! I'll help him!" The pale one rises and moves as if to pierce me with her arrows. Not before I can use my mace on her friend Nathan. She's clearly furious with me, which is sad, I would've loved to ally with her, and Sparkle has started coughing uncontrollably. I turn my gaze to Nathan's body; his suit is soaked in scarlet.

"Now, it gets good." says Glitter, her voice relishing what was going to happen next. She's refering to my, er, thirst for blood. Something turns in me, and I thunder after Sparkle and the mentor. Within an instant, they're dead, flayed by my mace. The pale one is awestruck, and while she's paralyzed in fear (or admiration, maybe even... desire) I draw out my throwing knife.

"Goodnight, sweetheart." My blade pierces her heart and her breathing stops.

Nathan Power's POV

That was strange. One moment I was alive, my veins coursing with adrenaline, then I was dead. Now, it appears, I am alive again. I don't have a single scratch on me, either. Maybe I just imagined the whole thing. That's it, I'm dreaming. Why would Earth even force children across the Solar System to fight to their death. That's just ridiculous.

But it gets wierder when I hear Sparkle's shriek. My ears must've mended as well as my wounds! I crack open my eyes to see her body fall gracefully to the ground, joining Ash's body. No. I don't dare move a muscle, that boy, Lukel, just murdered two, make that three (I can't believe Bliss died, she was so strong!) of my friends. He'll pay for this.

I jump quickly to my feet, and Lukel's expression, as well as the rest of his groups', is priceless. They all wear faces of varying degrees of disbelief and shock.

"But you're supposed to be dead!" screeches Suko Yoshida. I examine my hand and say coolly,

"Well, I'm not. But you soon will be!" I couldn't believe my luck. These stupid careers, I thought they were supposed to be good at unexpected situations.

The ground is peppered with bodies bearing the marks my sword. I walk over to Sparkle's body, and kiss her forehead. It was still warm, mere moments having passed since her death.

"I never told you, through all this. But I can say it now, I'm not afraid anymore. I love you, Sparkle Green." I close her eyelids, and adjust her lifeless body, so she could be just sleeping. And it hits me then, I'll never know how she felt about me. I'd bullied her in the past, she probably hated me. Driven by self-loathing, I stab myself with my blood-stained sword.

Day 2 (Morning)


42nd - Fecal Matter (killed by Pretty Boy)

41st - Mans Feces (stabbed by Clear Glass)

40th - Poop Face (killed by Clear Glass)

39th - Mentor Pooh (strangled by Pretty Boy)

38th - Studded Gem (cut by Alisonn Jewlbright)

Studded Gem's POV

Alisonn and I have left the other three from Venus to fend for themselves, she said they'd be better of without us slowing them down. I don't really think that's the case, however. Even though the boys are rather stuck up, they've been kind and protective, they slaughtered the group of tributes from Titan who tried to steal our supplies while we slept.

While we wandered around, we came across a thirteen-sided room with a door in each side. Excluding the one we came from, there was a door for each planet entered.

"Oh, I've got it!" exclaimed Alisonn, and I was glad for her. She'd been so dismal when we'd left the rest behind (although it was her idea,) and now the corners of her mouth were finally turning up in a sort of sad smile. She gestured to a plum-colored door directly in front of us, "That must be Venus' door." Before I could react, she began walking towards it,

"Wait! What if it's a trap, what could there be in there?" I ask. Her shoulders fall and she looks at me earnestly,

"That's why I have you, then. Isn't that what friends are for anyway? To be there and protect each other?" I join her at the doorway. I never thought someone as... Alisonn as Alisonn would ever be there for me.

Alisonn Jewlbright's POV

Inside Venus' room, the walls must've been white, like the rest of the ship, but a window facing outerspace was tinted purple, so everything looked a shade of lilac. Ick, I would've preferred pink.

"Look at that." says Studded, staring at the only thing in the room, a delicate silver table with spindly legs. Atop it sat a tiny glass bottle filled with some lavender liquid and a note placed carefully next to it. I was first to the table, therefore the first to open the note, it read:

Those hailing from Venus, please accept this gift.

Inside this bottle is a little help from your planet's namesake.

Reading over my shoulder, Studded giggles, picks up the miniscule bottle and says, "Oh, its perfume. I do smell terrible after that one tribute spewed blood all over me." Meanwhile, I'm annoyed, "Why couldn't we gotten something useful, like a gun. That would've been nice. Ugh." Studded is full-on laughing now,

"You really need to lighten up. Venus wasn't that girly, this could be a manly scent." And she spritzes it in my direction. Yuck, it smells like roses... and blood?

Then something stranger than blood scented perfume being associated with the Love Goddess occurs. The lilac drops touch my suit, and the silver nylon transforms into a silky soft white fabric. I look at my reflection in the window, and see myself draped in a beautiful Grecian gown. My clothes aren't the only thing different, however, I can feel my very mind reprogramming itself, and in a matter of seconds, the old Alisonn is gone, and the fierce goddess of love stands in her place.


My dress is stained with Studded's blood. I didn't enjoy killing her of course, but she was a necessary sacrifice. I have no need for other women in my kingdom. The next to die is Elana Maycell.

Day 2 (Evening)


37th - Elana Maycell (killed by Alisonn Jewlbright)

36th - Olivia Reynolds (exterminated by Dalek)

35th - Christopher Lee (exterminated by Dalek)

Pretty Boy's POV

Alisonn crept up on us somehow, but I don't know how the three of us didn't see her coming. She was acting strangely, and looked more... well, beautiful. Clear and I were so entranced, we didn't even notice that Studded wasn't with her. Elana wasn't fooled, however, as soon as she saw Alisonn, she went into a burning rage (something weird, she'd never even been slightly angered before)

"Alisonn!" she roared, "What have you been doing? Why are you wearing those clothes? Where's Studded?" Elana's voice became sharp, accusing, "I notice your dress has blood on it. Is that what you've done with her? Lured her out from under our eyes and then-- killed her?"

Alisonn nodded, and smiled coyly. Normally, I would've been uncomfortable with this, maybe even disgusted, but I wasn't thinking straight. I tore my eyes away from Alisonn's for a moment, it took all my will, and looked at Clear. He too was gazing at Alisonn intently. Elana noted our expressions as well, and she groaned in exasperation.

"What is wrong with you two? You're acting as if you're under a spell!" She turned back to Alisonn, who was now walking with such grace and so delicately she could be floating, and murmered curse words under her breath.

"Alisonn, I'm sorry, but you have to go." Elana whispered, and then she drew out her bow and an arrow and let out a sigh. Alisonn spoke up for the first time, in a voice as soft as silk,

"No, I'm afraid you'll be the one to go, Elana." And then she began to sing. It was a soft, lilting tune. I couldn't make out the words, it must've been in some language the babelfish couldn't recognize. Elana was held in place, paralyzed by the haunting sounds piercing the air. It wasn't just her, however, the entire Station stopped to listen to Alisonn. The Earth birds stopped chirping and the metal stopped groaned and creaking. Her words were magnified by the biodome, and the echos mademe shiver. What had happened to Alisonn?

And Elana collapsed, her eyes were wide open in fear and her veins were bulging. Alisonn drifted towards her and sang the last few words of the song crouched beside her limp body, brushing out the tangles in her hair and smoothing her spacesuit. When she stopped singing, there was total silence. Not a sound could be heard, save for a desperate, rattling breath that escaped from Elana's mouth. Alisonn brushed Elana's pale eyelids shut, and the sonic cannon announcing Elana's death rung out. Alisonn rose, and in a soft voice that was tainted with delight, said, "And now, the real fun begins, boys!"

Christopher Lee's POV

I had decided to run away from the Cornicopia, and I quickly found a room far away from the biodome that offered a safe haven from the other tributes. I took Laura Hamilton (I felt sorry for her) and Olivia Reynolds (now she could protect me) with me. Olivia fashioned a makeshift weapon out of a metal crowbar intentionally left by the Gamemakers, and Laura had calmed both of our nerves. Before we left the biodome, however, Olivia had snapped one tribute from Eris' neck and clawed another's face, causing both her and her friend to stumble into a battle of careers and, ultimately, die.

The safe haven I had found was probably intended as storage for construction equipment and the builders of the Station (robots) to be thrown away after they had served their purpose. It creeped Laura out a little; the still-gleaming abandoned robots. She went over to one of the larger bots, it was cute in a comedic way. It looked exactly like a salt shaker, but with a protruding eyestalk hanging limply on its head.

"You poor thing," Laura cooed, "Just thrown aside after they used you for their dirty work." Olivia rolled her eyes,

"It doesn't care, its a robot. Besides, its powered down or something. Look at it." Then, CRACK! We all jumped, then gazed fearfully around. After a few moments, I broke the suffocating silence,

"Must've been the cannon alerting the death of a tribute. Heh heh. Anyway, we might want to try to turn on the robot. It could be of some use to us." Olivia spoke a whispered agreement and Laura nodded, knowing that the use I had planned for the heavy construction droid (probably equipped with some sort of blaster) would be far from bringing peace offerings to our fellow tributes.

We circled the metal carcass for minutes, searching for some sort of 'ON' switch, jumping every time we heard the telltale crack of the sonnic cannon. Finally, Laura gave up and leaned up close to it, speaking slowly and lovingly, "I'm sorry we for what we're about to do. Oh, I'm sorry that those stupid Earthlings ever found out about outer space! It's their fault, you know, that we're here! We're the same. We were used for nothing and we will both be killed... for nothing!" Olivia sighed resignedly from behind Laura's back and murmered under her breath sing-songly, "It's not de-ad; it was never ali-ive." Laura yelled, her soft voice framed by another crack of the cannon,

"Shut up!" and she threw her hand out to hit Olivia, who easily deflected her blow.

"Do you really think you could beat me, idiot?" asked Olivia furiously. She raised her crowbar to strike Laura (despite my nervous sputtering 'No, don't's) and in the blink of an eyes, the robot had woken up and rolled over to protect Laura. It's shrill, robotic voice reitererated the same command, over and over, "Exterminate, exterminate!" and with a neon green laser shot from its left arm, Olivia lay "exterminated" on the floor.

Its eyestalk turned mercilessly towards me,

"You did not stop the female. You did not save the kind one. You must be exter-minated" That was the last thing I saw, the robot advancing slowly and deliberately, ready for the kill.

Credit goes to Julian Espinoza, this was his original idea.

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