CHAPTER 1. It was a dark day, 213 soldiers dead, as for Soldier Mike, he is alive. 'That was HORRIBLE,' Mike says. 'I know, we lost some men, good men,' says Pvt.Salt. Mike and Salt were always buddies. They ran into an enemy camp, with heavy casulties, they finnaly took the camp. 'We lost Sgt.Panele,' says Mike. Then I walk in, my name is Pollan, I was a friend of Gales. 'Hi,' I say. They just look at me. 'So your on are squad?' says Salt. 'Yes, I am,' I say. They just came up to me and asked me questions like:

'You knew Gale?'

'You were promoted to Corpral?'


The Light House had macine gun mounts and Rockets. The Light House was the enemy camp.

'Were you in the battle?'

I say'd yes to all of them. 'Its time to go,' says Mike. We were going to battle.

CHAPTER 2. We were on foot, great i said to myself. We were in a Desert. 'S**T GET DOWN,' says a soldier. The enemys were boming us with Hovercraft. Soldiers were dieing rapidly. It was horrible, me and Mike saw Salt get killed. 'F**K SALT! F**K!,' says Mike in an enraged voice. 'Oww man,' I say.

We were in this Desert.

Me and Mike run to cover, and then a bomb lands next to us. I could not hear anything, the world was in slow-mo, and i saw Mike dragging me to cover. "WHAT HAPPENED" I yelled at Mike. "THEY F--KED US WITH BOMBS!," says Mike. The next thing i new, me and Mike were running to better cover, the a bullet hits Mike, "S--T," says Mike. "MIKE," I say. He falls down, and the enemy soldiers are attacking us. I shoot one of the enemy soldiers, but i was shot myself. I ran and left Mike behind. "MIKE! RUN FOR IT!!!!!!!!!," i say. Then, enemys are running at us. I shoot 2 of them, then i get shot. "S--T," i say.

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