Welcome to the European portion of the World Games! For rules look in the North America section. 88 tributes will compete here from 44 nations. An additional note: I am using the most popular names from I decided the money plan was too confusing and so ditched it.

Name Country Kills Killed By Died at Place
Ersi Katashi Albania 1 Willie Welchanto Day 3 26th
Sildi Lafenta Albania 3
Xavier Uvina Andorra 3 Elena Laventi Day 2 36th
Grace Miller Andorra 0 Tibo Lieparthearth Bloodbath 66th
Lukas Da Silva Austria 2
Julia Curnow Austria 1 Vladimir Pushkov Night 2 30th
Alex Robinson Belarus 0 Petja Malwantalian Bloodbath 71st
Elena Laventi Belarus 3
Julien Wantara Belgium 1 Gordana Olwana Bloodbath 50th
Marie Malanta Belgium 3 Sean Waltenroad Final Battle 13th
John Alane Bosnia and Herzegovina 0 Petja Malwantalian Bloodbath 78th
Merima Melchant Bosnia and Herzegovina 0 Anouk Malendina Bloodbath 81st
Vladimir Pushkov Bulgaria 8 Lukas Da Silva Final Battle 10th
Teddy Altani Bulgaria 0 Marie Malanta Bloodbath 69th
Luka Lamdan Croatia 0 Nature Bloodbath 45th
Dorotea Flanksea Croatia 0 George Gambatia Bloodbath 82nd
Karol Eternawave Czech Republic 3
Katarina Eternawave Czech Republic 5
Daniel Bacaria Denmark 0 Mantas Maonatni Night 2 32nd
Cecilie Huerta Denmark
Roger Dalantara Estonia 0 Sildi Lafenta Bloodbath 64th
Kerli Carandila Estonia 0 Tina Fartanian Night 1 41st
Joni Gaslanta Finland 1 Sean Waltenroad Bloodbath 65th
Anna Halankara Finland 0 Xavier Uvina Bloodbath 76th
Nicolas Ibarantia France 0 James Yellowten Night 2 33rd
Camille Jalarki France 1 Vladimir Pushkov Night 3 21st
Simon Salontal Germany 0 Andrea Galewind Bloodbath 80th
Lisa Stonewaltz Germany 0 Mihaela Lawernime Bloodbath 60th
George Gambatia Greece 1 Mihaela Lawernime Night 2 28th
Mary Opwaldi Greece 1 Anouk Malendina Day 4 18th
Balazs Xylogalti Hungary 1 Emma Sanwotle Bloodbath 57th
Dora Malenton Hungary 1 Suicide Bloodbath 88th
Shahid Ilantala Iceland 0 Marie Malanta Night 1 40th
Steinunn Malnealta Iceland 2 Lukas Da Silva Night 3 20th
Sean Waltenroad Ireland 2
Aoife Olson Ireland 0 Marie Malanta Bloodbath 51st
Francesco Maldonado Italy 0 Emma Sanwotle Bloodbath 63rd
Giulia Farlightwave Italy 0 Vladimir Pushkov Bloodbath 58th
Milosh Lalenali Kosovo 0 Fiacre Waslow Bloodbath 59th
Gordana Olwana Kosovo 1 Sildi Lafenta Day 4 19th
Davis Rwandin Latvia 0 Katarina Eternawave Bloodbath 86th
Linda Laenwrath Latvia 0 Anouk Malendina Day 4 17th
Tibo Lieparthearth Liechtenstein 1 Steffi Luxurenta Day 3 25th
Low Naltealtan Liechtenstein 0 Joni Gaslanta Bloodbath 79th
Mantas Maonatni Lithuania 1 Steinunn Malnealta Night 2 31st
Agne Mora Lithuania 1 Steinunn Malnealta Night 2 29th
Willie Welchanto Luxembourg 1 James Yellowten Day 3 25th
Steffi Luxurenta Luxembourg 1 Anouk Malendina Day 4 16th
Filip Fillerupman Macedonia 1 Karol Eternawave Bloodbath 48th
Mihaela Lawernime Macedonia 2 Vladimir Pushkov Final Battle 12th
Kurt Olselnat Malta 0 Vladimir Pushkov Day 2 35th
Charlene Lamelanenti Malta 0 Xavier Uvina Bloodbath 54th
Andrei Ganemianli Moldova 0 Melanie Paloski Bloodbath 46th
Yuliana Monacenco Moldova 0 Zainatou Xylowarrior Night 1 42nd
Konate Antaniara Monaco 0 Ersi Katashi Bloodbath 49th
Zainatou Xylowarrior Monaco 2 Vladimir Pushkov Final Battle 14th
Stefan Alrawn Montenegro 0 Elena Laventi Bloodbath 73rd
Aleksandra Yeloski Montenegro 0 Tina Fartanian Bloodbath 61st
Nick Naldenquara Netherlands 1 Mary Opwaldi Day 2 37th
Anouk Malendina Netherlands 4
Henrik Lowenventi Norway 2 Zainatou Xylowarrior Bloodbath 52nd
Thea Vanewanra Norway 0 Julien Wantara Bloodbath 70th
Mateusz Oleviant Poland 0 Emma Sanwotle Bloodbath 67th
Paulina Nalatinat Poland 0 Agne Mora Bloodbath 68th
Joao Lawefentari Portugal 1 Elena Laventi Day 4 15th
Ines Lawenglosta Portugal 1 Camille Jalarki Bloodbath 53rd
Andrei Valtenta Romania 0 Katarina Eternawave Bloodbath 85th
Andrea Galewind Romania 1 Julia Curnow Day 2 34th
Damon Nalterni San Marino 1 Joao Lawefentari Bloodbath 47th
Ilenia Maldonado San Marino 0 Katarina Eternawave Bloodbath 83rd
Ivan Lowen Serbia 0 Katarina Eternawave Day 2 39th
Jelena Bendenrun Serbia 0 Balazs Xylogalti Bloodbath 74th
Peter Cawonca Slovakia 0 Filip Fillerupman Bloodbath 56th
Barbora Ontranoi Slovakia 0 Vladimir Pushkov Night 2 27th
Petja Malwantalian Slovenia 2 Emma Sanwotle Night 1 44th
Tina Fartanian Slovenia 3 Karol Eternawave Day 3 22nd
David Quantarian Spain 0 Karol Eternawave Bloodbath 62nd
Marta Maluki Spain 0 Ines Lawenglosta Bloodbath 72nd
Johan Martinson Sweden 0 Nick Naldenquara Bloodbath 77th
Emma Sanwotle Sweden 4 Tina Fartanian Day 3 23rd
Pierre Kalomaki Switzerland 0 Damon Nalterni Bloodbath 87th
Melanie Paloski Switzerland 1 Vladimir Pushkov Final Battle 11th
Sasha Antanenalasia Ukraine 0 Katarina Eternawave Bloodbath 84th
Anastasia Malenci Ukraine 0 Sildi Lafenta Day 2 38th
James Yellowten UK 2
Chloe Zalaeton UK 0 Henrik Lowenventi Bloodbath 55th
Fiacre Waslow Vatican City 1 Xavier Uvina Night 1 43rd
Al Sapone Vatican City 0 Henrik Lowenventi Bloodbath 75th

Note: Dora's kill was herself.

A blank number of kills means the tribute is still alive but has no kills.

Day 1

Dora's POV

I never wanted to be a stupid part of this stupid game anyway! I always get my way in disputes, and I didn't get my way! I know! I'll commit suicide! I step off the plate and smile as I am blown to bits.

  • 11:59:52.00: Dora Malenton (Hungary, 88th place)
    • Cause of death: Suicide by explosion.

Walter's POV

Suicide by explosion. That's good. Dora is the worst show ever. The gong sounds and tributes rush to the Cornucopia in the cold. The arena is Tromso, Norway. I look at the screen and see someone, I can't make out the flag, taking out one after the other. She stabs one, beheads another, vaults over the second body to plunge her sword into someone's brain, and then slashes someone's chest. That girl seems unstoppable!

  • 12:00:12.23: Pierre Kalomaki (Switzerland, 87th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Damon Nalterni (San Marino)
  • 12:00:13.31: Davis Rwandin (Latvia, 86th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Katarina Eternawave (Czech Republic)
  • 12:00:13.92: Andrei Valtenta (Romania, 85th place)
    • Cause of death: Beheaded by Katarina Eternawave (Czech Republic)
  • 12:00:14.83: Sasha Antanenalasia (Ukraine, 84th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the brain by Katarina Eternawave (Czech Republic)
  • 12:00:18.12: Ilenia Maldonado (San Marino, 83rd place)
    • Cause of death: Slashed across the chest by Katarina Eternawave (Czech Republic)

​Veron's POV

I cannot believe that girl from Czech Republic just did that! This is going to be a bloody bloodbath. I kinda expected this with 88 tributes. I do see more deaths on screen. Mentors get to see the full deaths.

  • 12:00:21.23: Dorotea Flanksea (Croatia, 82nd place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the face by George Gambatia (Greece)
  • 12:00:21.71: Merima Melchant (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 81st place)
    • Cause of death: Bludgeoned to death by Anouk Malendina (Netherlands)
  • 12:00:23.13: Simon Salontal (Germany, 80th place)
    • Cause of death: Snapped neck by Andrea Galewind (Romania)
  • 12:00:24.07: Low Naltealtan (Liechtenstein, 79th place)
    • Cause of death: Impaled by Joni Gaslanta's (Finland) staff

Sally's POV

I see the innocent teens being slaughtered and I am reminded of the reason I opposed these Games being created. I might as well sit here and wait for the Australia section to finish and the World Finals to begin.

  • 12:00:25.43: John Alane (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 78th place)
    • Cause of death: Electrocuted by Petja Malwantalian (Slovenia)
  • 12:00:25.51: Johan Martinson (Sweden, 77th place)
    • Cause of death: Drowned in sea by Nick Naldenquara (Netherlands)
  • 12:00:25.67: Anna Halankara (Finland, 76th place)
    • Cause of death: Throat slit by Xavier Uvina (Andorra)
  • 12:00:25.84: Al Sapone (Vatican City, 75th place)
    • Cause of death: Axed in the face by Henrik Lowenventi (Norway)
  • 12:00:26.00: Jelena Bendenrun (Serbia, 74th place)
    • Cause of death: Burned to death by Balazs Xylogalti's (Hungary) flamethrower

Gerevasio's POV

I look on in shock as the poor Serb girl gets burned to death by that flamethrower. Who the h*ll would put a flamethrower in the arena? I had to mentor 22 girls because Sally is the only female victor so far. Others die as I look at the rapidly decreasing number.

  • 12:00:26.42: Stefan Alrawn (Montenegro, 73rd place)
    • Cause of death: Basilar skull fracture caused by Elena Laventi (Belarus)
  • 12:00:26.62: Marta Maluki (Spain, 72nd place)
    • Cause of death: Knifed in the back by Ines Lawenglosta (Portugal)
  • 12:00:27.81: Alex Robinson (Belarus, 71st place)
    • Cause of death: Pushed into a bee swarm by Petja Malwantalian (Slovenia)
  • 12:00:30.31: Thea Vanewanra (Norway, 70th place)
    • Cause of death: Suffocated by Julien Wantara (Belgium)
  • 12:00:30.41: Teddy Altani (Bulgaria, 69th place)
    • Cause of death: Speared in the face by Marie Malanta (Belgium)
  • 12:00:30.82: Paulina Nalatinat (Poland, 68th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the eye by Agne Mora (Lithuania)
  • 12:00.31.97: Mateusz Oleviant (Poland, 67th place)
    • Cause of death: Speared in the neck by Emma Sanwotle (Sweden)

Veron's POV

Wow. 3 tributes died by something to the face. Dorotea with a sword, Al with an axe, and Teddy with a spear. Alex's death was most interesting so far. Pushed into a bee swarm. Clever, Gamemakers. Clever. I see more die and then everyone runs off. 43 cannons sound. Forty-three! Half the tributes are dead as I see another person, a thin layer of ice around him. BOOM!

  • 12:00:32.47: Grace Miller (Andorra, 66th place)
    • Cause of death: Spinal injury caused by Tibo Lieparthearth (Liechtenstein)
  • 12:00:32.76: Joni Gaslanta (Finland, 65th place)
    • Cause of death: Beaten to death by Sean Waltenroad (Ireland)
  • 12:00:33.92: Roger Dalantara (Estonia, 64th place)
    • Cause of death: Choked to death by Sildi Lafenta (Albania)
  • 12:00:33.99: Francesco Maldonado (Italy, 63rd place)
    • Cause of death: Choked on food force-fed to him by Emma Sanwotle (Sweden)
  • 12:00:34.81: David Quantarian (Spain, 62nd place)
    • Cause of death: Sliced in half by Karol Eternawave (Czech Republic)
  • 12:00:37.13: Aleksandra Yeloski (Montenegro, 61st place)
    • Cause of death: Head sliced in half by Tina Fartanian (Slovenia)
  • 12:00:38.31: Lisa Stonewaltz (Germany, 60th place)
    • Cause of death: Head smashed by Mihaela Lawernime (Macedonia)
  • 12:00:39.13: Milosh Lalenali (Kosovo. 59th place)
    • Cause of death: Axed in the legs by Fiacre Waslow (Vatican City) and bled to death.
  • 12:00:40.33: Giulia Farlightwave (Italy, 58th place)
    • Cause of death: Speared in the back by Vladimir Pushkov (Bulgaria)
  • 12:00:40.45: Balazs Xylogalti (Hungary, 57th place)
    • Cause of death: Brain damage caused by Emma Sanwotle (Sweden)
  • 12:00:40.68: Peter Cawonca (Slovakia, 56th place)
    • Caus of death: Impaled by Filip Fillerupman's (Macedonia) staff.
  • 12:00:43.31: Chloe Zalaeton (UK, 55th place)
    • Cause of death: Axed in the neck by Henrik Lowenventi (Norway)
  • 12:00:45.32: Charlene Lamelanenti (Malta, 54th place)
    • Cause of death: Knifed in the throat by Xavier Uvina (Andorra)
  • 12:00:46.13: Ines Lawenglosta (Portugal, 53rd place)
    • Cause of death: Tortured by Camille Jalarki (France)
  • 12:00:47.91: Henrik Lowenventi (Norway, 52nd place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the chest by Zainatou Xylowarrior (Monaco)
  • 12:00:48.13: Aoife Olson (Ireland, 51st place)
    • Cause of death: Beheaded by Marie Malanta (Belgium)
  • 12:00:48.71: Julien Wantara (Belgium, 50th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Gordana Olwana (Kosovo)
  • 12:00:49.12: Konate Antaniara (Monaco, 49th place)
    • Cause of death: Neck snapped by Ersi Katashi (Albania)
  • 12:00:49.43: Filip Fillerupman (Macedonia, 48th place)
    • Cause of death: Slashed across the chest by Karol Eternawave (Czech Republic)
  • 12:00:49.70: Damon Nalterni (San Marino, 47th place)
    • Cause of death: Drowned by Joao Lawefentari (Portugal)
  • 12:00:49.81: Andrei Ganemianli (Moldova, 46th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Melanie Paloski (Switzerland)
  • 12:00:50.13: Luka Lamdan (Croatia, 45th place)
    • Cause of death: Froze to death
    • Note: Half the tributes are dead.

Night 1

Sean's POV

I have allied with Zainatou, the girl from Monaco. I see the faces begin. The guy from Croatia comes first. Then the guys from Moldova, San Marino, Macedonia, Monaco, and Belgium come up. Zainatou starts crying when the Monaco guy comes up. The next face is-

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I cry out. Zainatou comes up and asks, "What's wron- oh." as she sees the face.

It's Aoife, my partner.

The rest of the faces show. Seal, anthem, out. Suddenly the Slovenia boy comes at us with an electrostaff. As he's about to stab Zainatou, he explodes! BOOM! We already know he's dead, and there are many pieces. In the distance, we see the Vatican guy's neck being snapped by Xavier. BOOM! Yuliana then surprises me by stabbing me in the arm. Zainatou then swoops her sword. BOOM! I'm not sure why the cannon went off until I see Yuliana's head land on my wound. "Zainatou," I say weakly.

"Is it okay if I call you Zaina?"
"Yes, it is."
"Another thing."
"Zaina," I say, trying to make my words as good as possible, "I love you. I loved you ever since we first met in the Training Center. You are so beautiful I will do anything for you. I loved you more when you saved me from Yuliana."

Zaina's eyes are wide, a gasp escaping from her. "I have to admit now. I have loved you too. I learned your name when you killed Joni and Aoife cheered you on. When she stopped-- that's when she died. Decapitated by the Belgian girl. I tried to stop her, but I was powerless. I'm sorry, Sean, for letting you down."

So the Belgian girl, Marie. The one I kicked in an inappropriate place.

I say, "Apology accepted." And then it happens. She leans down and kisses me. I continue it until she pulls away. I am now in love.

  • 20:21:32.36: Petja Malwantalian (Slovenia, 44th place)
    • Cause of death: Exploded due to Emma Sanwotle's(Sweden) mines.
  • 20:23:34.27: Fiacre Waslow (Vatican City, 43rd place)
    • Cause of death: Neck snapped by Xavier Uvina (Andorra).
  • 20:23:43.12: Yuliana Monacenco (Moldova, 42nd place)
    • Cause of death: Decapitated by Zainatou Xylowarrior (Monaco).

Steinunn's POV

I found Shahid and we allied. We saw Kerli, wounded by the Belgian girl. She is the most cruel person on the planet Earth, at least in Europe, and we have sworn to kill her. Then we are jumped by Tina and Marie, the big fat *********************************************************************************************************************************. You get the point. Tina strangles Kerli but Shahid knocks her out. BOOM! Suddenly Tina wakes up. Then Shahid charges Marie... headfirst into her sword. BOOM! "NO! SHAHID!" I scream, but it's too late. I run and shake them off.

  • 21:33:13.39: Kerli Carandila (Estonia, 41st place)
    • Cause of death: Strangled by Tina Fartanian (Slovenia)
  • 21:33:24.92: Shahid Ilantala (Iceland, 40th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the brain by Marie Malanta (Belgium)

Day 2

Karol's POV

I saw Katarina after the bloodbath alive. She had the watch when the 5 cannons went off during the night. I feared any one of them could have been hers. I was especially afraid when the last one went off, but I eventually felt my sister snuggling up to me, which obliterated all fears. Suddenly, at 6 AM (a Czech watch is my token), we are jumped by the Serb dude, what's his name, oh yes, Ivan. Kata (my nickname for Katarina) goes and overpowers him with her fists. BOOM! "Kill 5 already?" I exclaim. "Shhhhh," she says.

  • 6:00:52.13: Ivan Lowen (Serbia, 39th place)
    • Cause of death: Beaten to death by Katarina Eternawave (Czech Republic)

Anastasia's POV

Why won't this girl accept me?

That is what I am thinking after I repeatedly asked her for an alliance. I then pick up my arguments. "Sildi, I have no weapons. You have rope. I need an ally or else I can't survive. So will you PLEASE be my ally?"

Uh oh.



She spins around and kicks me in the chest, causing me to lose my balance and fall...

Right over a cliff. BOOM!

  • 6:03:29.34: Anastasia Malenci (Ukraine, 38th place)
    • Cause of death: Kicked off a cliff by Sildi Lafenta (Albania)

Nick's POV

Anouk and I found the Czech siblings and we teamed up. As we are scouting, we find a girl, with rope around her neck. We untie it and we revive her. I start talking. I say, "I am Nick Naldenquara of the Netherlands. I have 1 kill. Here is Anouk Malendina, also of the Netherlands. She has 1 kill." The boy sibling continues, "I am Karol Eternawave, and this is my sister, Katarina." He then realizes he is pointing at a life sized doll of her he got as a sponsor gift. "Sorry, THIS is my sister, Katarina. We are of the Czech Republic. I have 2 kills and she has 5." Then the girl on the ground talks. She says, "I am Sildi Lafenta of Albania. I have 2 kills, including the most recent one, the Ukraine girl."

Suddenly I hear a voice screaming something that sounds similar to that internet meme from 300. then the Greek girl swoops in and slashes across my chest, and then does it again the other way. Sildi tries to lasso her, but she gets away. Anouk, Sildi, Karol, and Katarina all rush over but then, seeing it's hopeless, walk away except for Sildi and Anouk. "No, Nick, don't die on me, please don't die on me!" says Anouk with worry. "No, don't, Anouk, there's no hope," I reply. Then Sildi walks away. However, Anouk stays, begging for me to stay with the living. "Anouk, I'm going to die," I say with strained breaths. "I'm going... to be... an angel. And I... will be... watching... you... from above. And if... you die... remember... that I'll... be waiting... for you," I say with certainty that those will be my last words. Anouk starts sobbing as I close my eyes, smile, and hear the last thing I will ever hear.

My cannon. BOOM!

  • 6:07:03.34: Nick Naldenquara (Netherlands, 37th place)
    • Cause of death: Blood loss caused by slashes by Mary Opwaldi (Greece)

Cecilie's POV

Ugh... my legs... must... take... revenge... on... Belgian... girl. I was wounded... by her at the bloodbath, in the legs. Slashes, serious ones, in an X just above the knees. I see Daniel, thankfully alive, patching me up as I wake up. "You're awake!" says Daniel. "Of course, Mr. Obvious," I reply laughing, but I regret that because then my legs act up and have serious pain. "Who are the others?" I ask. "Kurt from Malta, James from the UK, and Xavier from Andorra," Daniel replies. I remember Grace, Xavier's country partner. She was killed by Tibo from Liechtenstein when he destroyed her spine with his mace. When the Norwegian guy got stabbed, he chucked his axe, aimlessly, and he managed to catch Chloe unawares, in the neck. She died instantly. That is the last thing I remembered before Marie caught me unawares and slashed me, leaving me for dead. And... What the h*ll? Xavier killed Charlene, Kurt's country partner! Elena will be mega p*ssed at him! Elena was Charlene's friend at the Training Center. Then Xavier says, "I want to solidify our alliance by--." He just stops talking, and that's when I notice that Elena has charged him, flicking a sword up and then through his chest, screaming, "Just die!" Payback for killing her friend, I think. I just stare in shock as the cannon fires. BOOM! "Wow," is all that Daniel can muster. Then Kurt falls dead also, an arrow in his face. BOOM! I knew it! Elena and Vladimir were teaming up!

  • 9:02:12.23: Xavier Uvina (Andorra, 36th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed in the chest by Elena Laventi (Belarus).
  • 9:02:31.15: Kurt Olselnat (Malta, 35th place)
    • Cause of death: Shot in the face by Vladimir Pushkov (Bulgaria).

Julia's POV

Lukas and I have found each other and teamed up. I sneak around, hoping to find someone.

Andrea's POV

I look around, and remember I am on my own. I remember us watching the North American games on tape before we started training. In there, someone made a kill, then made an alliance that day. I made a kill at the Cornucopia and so I should get an ally. Suddenly, Julia appears with a bow aimed at my chest. "Ummm... a-a-allies?" I say nervously. D'oh! She fires...and hits her target. BOOM!

  • 13:32:14.78: Andrea Galewind (Romania, 34th place)
    • Cause of death: Shot in the chest by Julia Curnow (Austria)
    • Note: 5/8 of the tributes are dead.

Night 2

Cecilie's POV

I have James out on watch, as I have recovered from my wounds and I have leadership tendencies. A cannon goes off during his watch(BOOM!), but he thankfully comes back alive. "I made that kill," James says. "Who died?" asks Daniel. "French dude. His partner cussed me out then ran," says James. Suddenly, storm clouds move in. Daniel searches for metal things around camp while James and I go inside our tent. Daniel finds a long metal pole around camp, then I am tackled.

James's POV of the previous section

Cecilie sends me out on watch tonight, but I quickly hit trouble in the form of the French cousins. I quickly slash the guy, then the girl cusses me out. I go back and have the aforementioned conversation with Daniel, then Cecilie and I go to the tent when the storm starts up. Cecilie and I go out to check on Daniel's progress, but then I see a pole in his hands. A lightning rod! I think. "Get down!" I yell to Cecilie and charge her. I try to tackle her, but she's d*mn resistant. "I said get down!" I yell again, and I finally get her to go to the ground. Right then, a bolt goes through the rod and fries Daniel. BOOM!

  • Nicolas Ibarantia (France, 33rd place)
    • Cause of death: Slashed by James Yellowten (UK)
  • Daniel Bacaria (Denmark, 32nd place)
    • Cause of death: Fried by lightning rod placed by Mantas Maonatni (Lithuania)

Sean's POV

Zaina and I remain at camp to watch the faces. 2 cannons went off within 15 minutes of each other. Then Steinunn of Iceland surprises us, but she only wants info on Mantas of Lithuania. We give it and she goes off. Shortly after, a cannon goes off. BOOM! 58 tributes down and 30 left. The faces appear. We start with the deaths from Night 1. First goes Petja, and we are surprised to hear that Emma of Sweden had landmines waiting for us! Then are Fiacre of Vatican City, then of course, Yuliana by Zaina. We hug when it shows up. Then goes that one girl who ran at the bloodbath, and then Shahid of Iceland, killed by that b*tch who I will not name for security reasons. Just kidding, I was talking about Marie. Then are Ivan of Serbia, Anastasia of Ukraine, Nick of the Netherlands (haha) and Xavier of Andorra. Xavier of Andorra?! I thought he was a force to be reckoned with, yet he dies on day 2. Then are Kurt of Malta, Andrea of Romania, Nicolas of France, Daniel of Denmark (again, haha), and finally, Mantas by Steinunn.

  • Mantas Maonatni (Lithuania, 31st place)
    • Cause of death: Decapitated by Steinunn Malnealta (Iceland)

Julia's POV

I sneak through the forest, waiting for people while the rain pours down my shirt and along my body. I wait for someone to go by so that I can snipe them. Then I spot Katarina, one of the Czech twins, and I pull back. She goes to the ground in the fetal position, showing that she has no sword. I adjust accordingly, and then I feel a sharp point of pain go through my left shoulder blade, through my chest, grazing my heart, and the tip protrudes through my chest. My eyes go wide and I turn to get my killer in my sight as I fall to the ground. I see Vladimir, but he is quickly engulfed by white, everything around me having the same result. The last trees are hidden by the light as I relax my muscles for the last time, now knowing it was not the year of Julia Curnow, that this is the night that I ascend (or descend, depending on my kill). I close my eyes as I hear a cannon, and it's my own. BOOM!

  • Julia Curnow (Austria, 30th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed through the chest by Vladimir Pushkov (Bulgaria)

​KPR521 (Head Gamemaker)'s POV

Wow, this storm is heating things up. We had a dude fried by lightning, then another dude beheaded by a raging girl, and then Julia, poor Julia, the sentimental favorite among us Gamemakers, being stabbed while trying to snipe another girl. Well, we all know who to hate now. I wheel around the alliance as they return to camp, drenched and muddy, when JediOfTheMind48, my assistant, informs me to switch to camera 6A5. I see just Agne, the Lithuania girl, looking in a chest, when Steinunn, on her campaign of subversion against Lithuania, ambushes her at the chest. We then switch cameras to cover the muddy chase that follows. After a long chase, Steinunn starts to run away, but then surprises Agne with a quick slash to the abdomen. Agne dies quickly. BOOM! "How many left?" asks Hailee Roberts. JOTM48 replies with, "I don't know, but that Iceland girl is on a rampage, my friend." I look on to see another fight.

  • Agne Mora (Lithuania, 29th place)
    • Cause of death: Combo of hunger and blood loss due to slash by Steinunn Malnealta (Iceland)

Mihaela's POV

George and I have been fighting since this storm began, but now I have the upper hand. I quickly move in and come down on him, but when I hit, I hear a loud crack and the BOOM! of the cannon as I realize that the impact crushed his skull, killing him, which will obviously tick Mary off tomorrow night. I then see Elena on the ground, wounded and bleeding. "Oh my god! Who did this?" I shout over the rain. Elena responds with, "That boy... is strong... I hate him... so badly."

"Vladimir...Pushkov... of Bulgaria."

Yep. I hate him. He appears and I fire quickly, but he fires back. The shot whizzes past my ear, and a girl cries out and I hear a cannon. BOOM! "Elena!" I shout, but she's alive. I whip around and see Barbora dead on the ground. I fire again, and Vladimir runs. I say to her, "Allies? We can take them out." She weakly replies, but it takes multiple times for me to register a "Yes." I fireman's carry her to camp, where it turns out that the big alliance is camping out. "We come in need. My new friend is from Belarus and is critically wounded. We need your help." I see Anouk from the Netherlands reply with, "Come in. We can help."

Thank God for miracles.

  • George Gambatia (Greece, 28th place)
    • Cause of death: Skull cracked by Mihaela Lawernime (Macedonia)
  • Barbora Ontranoi (Slovakia, 27th place)
    • Cause of death: Shot by Vladimir Pushkov (Bulgaria)


  • Ersi and Gordana are allied and hiding in a tree.
  • Sildi, Karol, Katarina, Anouk, and Mihaela are allied, and they are nursing Elena back to health.
  • Lukas is in the city and unaware of Julia's death.
  • Marie is allied with Tina and they are roaming the city, looking for kills.
  • Vladimir is alone in the forest and still looking for more kills.
  • Cecilie and James are in the forest and have found a tree to camp in.
  • Mary is also unaware of George's death and is quietly waiting at camp by the ravine.
  • Steinunn is in the city and running towards the cliff at the coast.
  • Sean and Zainatou are still at camp in the forest.
  • Linda and Tibo are allied and are in a building in the city.
  • Willie and Steffi are in a tree near Ersi and Gordana. It appears that they are preparing to attack.
  • Joao is alone in the city. He is unaware of Steinunn, Lukas, Marie, Tina, Linda and Tibo also being there.
  • Emma and Melanie are allied and are setting an electrical trap for the alliance of 6. Melanie, however, is suspicious of Emma.

Day 3

Willie's POV

Steffi and I are ready to attack Ersi and Gordana. We head to the top of our tree and I fire my bow at them. I hear a thump and a cannon. BOOM! I then realized I hit and killed Ersi. We retreat down to our beds.

  • Ersi Katashi (Albania, 26th place)
    • Cause of death: Shot by Willie Welchanto (Luxembourg)

Steffi's POV

Willie and I then head out to the city, and we catch Tibo unawares when I knife him. BOOM! "Yes! First kill!" I yell. Linda rages down in the building, and we make a hasty retreat.

  • Tibo Lieparthearth (Liechtenstein, 25th place)
    • Cause of death: Knifed by Steffi Luxurenta (Luxembourg).

Cecilie's POV

James and I are still mourning Daniel, and then we leave for the city. I can walk, albeit painfully, and running is near impossible. We sneak in and knife the first dude who passes by. BOOM! It turns out that we hit Willie. We troop back to the forest when suddenly, an arrow whizzes past me! We retreat to a safe distance. It turns out that Emma was firing at us, and then I learn that she and Melanie are fighting Tina and Marie. We watch from behind a bush as they continue firing at each other. Then, an arrow makes its target. BOOM! Then everyone runs off. We inspect the battlefield, and we find that the body is Emma's.

  • Willie Welchanto (Luxembourg, 24th place)
    • Cause of Death: Knifed by James Yellowten (UK)
  • Emma Sanwotle (Sweden, 23rd place)
    • Cause of Death: Shot by Tina Fartanian (Slovenia)

Elena's POV

I wake up in a tent in the afternoon. "4 PM," Karol says. I see bandages on my chest, and hear the results from when I was wounded. "Another cannon during the night," Anouk says, and than Mihaela says, "That was Barbora. She was near us." Sildi then says, "Four cannons went off today so far." I watch Karol defuse an electrical trap, and then Tina, in all her false glory, attacks us. After a fierce struggle, Karol manages to stab Tina in the abdomen. BOOM! Okay, I think that's enough action for one day.

  • Tina Fartanian (Slovenia, 22nd place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Karol Eternawave (Czech Republic)


  • The alliance is still at camp.
  • Lukas will rage soon.
  • Marie and Vladimir have allied (Bad move!)
  • Cecilie and James are at the site of Emma's death and have allied with Melanie.
  • Mary is at the ravine.
  • Steinunn is settled at the city.
  • Sean and Zainatou are in the forest.
  • Gordana is mourning Ersi.
  • Linda and Steffi have allied after the loss of their allies (Tibo and Willie)
  • Joao is STILL alone in the forest.

Night 3

KPR521's POV

Five people dead. Twenty-one are left. Wait, twenty left, because Vladimir just stabbed Camille. BOOM! Okay, what is it with him killing girls? He's killed five people now, and only one was male. I signal the command to put up the faces. Julia is first. Lukas rages and swears to kill Vladimir. Then Agne and George. Mary has a similar rage on Mihaela. Haha. Good luck. Then Barbora. Then Ersi (Do I even need to explain?), Tibo, Willie, Emma, Tina, and finally Camille. Then, Lukas takes out his rage...on the wrong person. He absolutely pulverizes Steinunn. BOOM!

  • Camille Jalarki (France, 21st place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed by Vladimir Pushkov (Bulgaria)
  • Steinunn Malnealta (Iceland, 20th place)
    • Cause of death: Stabbed multiple times and then beaten by Lukas Da Silva (Austria).

Day 4

Sildi's POV

I am still raging after Willie killed Ersi, but now I am glad Willie is dead. We see Gordana mourning Ersi, and I decide to put her out of her misery. BOOM! Then, Anouk goes on a spree and stabs Mary, Linda, and Steffi. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! (Brian Anglim: "Anouk Malendina Triple Kill!") Then Elena takes out Joao. BOOM!

  • Gordana Olwana (Kosovo, 19th Place)
    • Cause of death: Shot by Sildi Lafenta (Albania).
  • Mary Opwaldi (Greece, 18th Place)
    • Cause of Death: Stabbed by Anouk Malendina (Netherlands)
  • Linda Laenwrath (Latvia, 17th Place)
    • Cause of Death: Stabbed by Anouk Malendina (Netherlands)
  • Steffi Luxurenta (Luxembourg, 16th Place)
    • Cause of Death: Stabbed by Anouk Malendina (Netherlands)
  • Joao Lawefentari (Portugal, 15th Place)
    • Cause of death: Shot by Elena Laventi (Belarus)

THE FINAL BATTLE (Sunset, Day 4)

Sean's POV

Zaina and I trek through the woods, hoping to find another tribute. I also remember that it is her birthday. "Happy birthday, Sunshine," I lovingly say to her, "I love you." She replies with "I love--" She is cut off... by a knife in her back. She crumples to the ground, dead, revealing the most hated person out here. BOOM! "WHY, YOU SON OF A B*TCH!" I scream in fury. I lost my partner at the bloodbath, and now I lost my love. "You've got backup, Sean!" I hear a voice say. I turn to see Lukas of Austria. "In us!" Melanie yells. I see Cecilie, James, and her next to Lukas. "And in us!" Elena yells. Marie appears, but I quickly shoot her down. BOOM! We charge, and two more cannons go off. BOOM! BOOM! "Mihaela and Melanie down!" Karol shouts. We manage to disarm Vladimir, and Lukas and I pin him. It is night. We torture him, and Lukas kills him in a very torturous way. BOOM! "Go to h*ll, Vladimir," I mutter under my breath.

"BEHOLD, THE NINE VICTORS OF THE EUROPEAN WORLD GAMES!" Brian Anglim yells as we are taken out of the arena.

  • Zainatou Xylowarrior (Monaco, 14th place)
    • Cause of death: Knifed in the back by Vladimir Pushkov (Bulgaria)
  • Marie Malanta (Belgium, 13th place)
    • Cause of death: Shot by Sean Waltenroad (Ireland)
  • Mihaela Lawernime (Macedonia, 12th place) & Melanie Paloski (Switzerland, 11th place)
    • Cause of death: Slashed by Vladimir Pushkov (Bulgaria)
  • Vladimir Pushkov (Bulgaria, 10th place)
    • Cause of death: Tortured by Sean Waltenroad (Ireland) and Lukas Da Silva (Austria), final blow delivered by Lukas.


  • Sildi Lafenta
  • Lukas Da Silva
  • Elena Laventi
  • Karol Eternawave
  • Katarina Eternawave
  • Cecilie Huerta
  • Sean Waltenroad
  • Anouk Malendina
  • James Yellowten


Sean's POV

The highlights begin with the bloodbath and Night 1, getting all the deaths in detail. My situation with Zaina was a good topic. So was Denmark plus James. The alliance forms, Sildi kicks a girl off the ravine, Nick dies, and so on. Then Zaina dies, and I break down in tears on the spot in our couch. The only country with both tributes is Czech Republic.


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